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Brand new shows on Akwaaba Magic this November

02 November 2023
There is a whole range of binge-worthy TV to choose from!
Akwaaba Magic, November shows, new shows, Nana Akoto, Party Office, Goal Diggers,

October has just gone past with Halloween-themed stuff creeping into some of Ghana’s major cities, but we all know it’s not really a GH thing, is it? But, if you insist on getting your share of spine-tingling, nail-biting TV that will keep you hooked, then Akwaaba Magic is where to be this November!

We don’t only have one solid reason you should stay tuned this month, we have three. Yes, three! On the menu is some classic Ghana-style historical fiction, some spectacular drama, and a lot of laughter and comedy to go round. There’s something for everyone, really – including one that will get you ready for Ghana’s 2024 elections.

Let’s dive into it!  

Nana Akoto
Premieres on 6 November at 8:00pm
Airing Monday – Friday, 8:00pm

This is a modern twist to one of the most famous legends in Akan history. In the 17th century, the pre-eminent tribe among the Akan people was the Denkyira who, with their powerful army and charismatic leaders, controlled commerce, and movement over vast territories. One of the main threats to Denkyira supremacy were the Asante, and it is in this kingdom that our story is set.

In this sweeping narrative, we meet Nana Akoto, who tries to evade capture from the Denkyira at a time when everyone around him dares not try such a dangerous mission. In his quest for refuge, our main character strikes a bond with Okomfo Kusi, a powerful spiritual leader. Fate also crosses his path with the enigmatic Princess of Denkyira, who also has an axe to grind against her own people. Together, the trio set off on a dangerous journey of insurrection and skullduggery against their common enemy.

Will Nana Akoto succeed in inspiring his people to defeat the all-conquering Denkyira and fulfil his dream of becoming Asantehene, leader of the Asante people?

You cannot miss this engagingly well-researched and creatively told humdinger of a story – told in 100% Twi. Join us for this epic tale every weeknight at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic.


Party Office
Premieres November 29 at 8:30pm

Whatever local Ghanaian language you speak, there will be a version of the proverb, "when the fool gets wise, the game is over". In other words, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Musa is a communications graduate who nobody takes seriously at a political party’s office. That is, until a harmless social media post he makes goes viral, and everyone suddenly realizes how the talented communicator will be useful for their campaigns. His meteoric rise is met with inducement, underhand dealings, and gamesmanship. Can he keep his integrity intact?

Delivered in a mix of English, Ghanaian pidgin and occasionally, local languages, Party Office gives you food for thought while passing on lessons in rib-cracking scenes.      

Whoever said November is the most boring month of the year never subscribed to Akwaaba Magic, the home of quality Ghanaian entertainment.

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