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Musa's big decision awaits as suspense heightens at the Party Office

24 January 2024
The intern is now a hot cake and it's cash out season for Musa!
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When the teasers for Party Office aired some time ago, you probably thought it will be another run-of-the-mill series, huh? Who would have thought that the last few weeks would get us so hooked and expectant for more? 🔥

Let's take a deep breath, look back and see how far we've come.

Our main character, Musa Dramani, has moved from being everyone’s laughingstock to the absolute cynosure of all eyes. A mass communication graduate who interns at the headquarters of a political party as a communication team member, Musa likes to call himself an influencer – although he just reached 5001 real followers on Twitter. 😏

His posts are not anything extraordinary, and his remarkable communication skill is not apparent as – like is the case in many Ghanaian offices – Musa is turned into an office errands boy, sent to buy waakye, roasted plantain, gɔbɛ and everything else in between.

Beyond that, he becomes increasingly confused by the games every single person is playing in the office. That includes Kankam and Osebo, who keep running their mouths and fighting, especially on live TV. What's up with that? 🤔

There's also Nana Beyin (aka Prekese), the campaign manager who operates best as a foot soldier, and TsoTsoo the loud general secretary who is as vain as they come.  

But a stroke of genius and luck soon changes his standing within the Sun Shine Party (SSP) forever!

On the eve of the official campaign commencement for all flag-bearer aspirants, Musa makes a social media post to wish his party and all aspirants well. There is something sensational and refreshing about his post that goes viral and becomes the talking point amongst the public and within the party hierarchy.

Finally, Musa's communication prowess has been recognised and he has become a verified influencer. Now, Kankam and Osebo all want to have Musa on their team as a communications officer.

At first, he finds it hard choosing between the two parties, so he naively works for both candidates for a pittance. His works are exceptional, and the engagement all over the internet is proving a vital force. 

But Musa notices something: these politicians throw so much money to delegates in exchange for votes, so why should he be paid such small monies? He decides to auction his rare skill between the two parties. Sure enough, the desperate rival politicians make Musa juicy financial offers, including promises for a fully financed study in the UK!

Will the bright young man join Kakam’s team in exchange for a scholarship at Oxford University or will he take Osebo’s tempting Cambridge University offer?

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Party Office Musa decision

Should Musa work for the bullish Osebo or the haughty Kankam?

Akwaaba Magic, November shows, new shows, Party Office
Take Osebo's offer quick quick!59%
Akwaaba Magic, November shows, new shows, Party Office
Kankam all the way!41%