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Will Ntim or Akoto win the battle for Abrafi’s love?

16 February 2024
Two royal men fight for a woman in a tale fit for the month of love
Nana Akoto, Akwaaba Magic, 2023 new shows

What do you do when your best friend connives to run away with your wife? That’s the question many fans of the hit Akwaaba Magic show, Nana Akoto, have been asking this month as twist after twist has been served. 🔥

This fast-paced drama has given us heart-stopping moments right from the beginning. Ntim Ampem and Nana Akoto have been friends since they were boys, sharing in their joys and sorrows together.

When Akoto leaves Kwaaman to settle in Denkyera, it is Ampem and family that embrace him as a son. The relationship is healthy until, as is often the case, the race for a woman’s heart causes friction. The woman in question is the beautiful Abrafi. 😍

Being the daughter of the Gyaasehene, arguably the third most powerful man in Denkyera, Abrafi’s father understandably wants her to marry into nobility. However, she only has eyes for Akoto, who is not considered a noble despite being the son of the powerful Asantehene. Against her wishes, Abrafi is forced to marry Ntim. 😪

But even in marriage, Abrafi keeps dreaming of a future with Akoto – and she goes as far as denying her husband his conjugal rights. Gyaasehene, knowing how dangerous a potential affair with Akoto could be, conspires to have him jailed. But Ntim, to prove his loyalty to his best friend, goes to Akoto and promises to grant him a royal pardon. Before this can be done, soldiers from the Asante Kingdom - having heard that Akoto is in jail - are sent to free their son. In a cruel twist of events, Akoto does not just escape jail, but runs away with Abrafi! 🤯

When Ntim realizes what his friend has done, revenge fills his whole being, and all he wants is Akoto’s head on a spike. The question is: even if Ntim gets Abrafi back, will he ever have her heart? And, say this quietly, what happens to Ntim's illicit affair with Mansa, the slave girl? 😏

The thrilling intrigue of Nana Akoto continues to hold us spell-bound as the web of unrequited love, loyalty and political chess is spun.  

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