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Nana Akoto leaves us breathless with unending drama!

07 December 2023
Can’t catch a break from the back-to-back drama? Here’s a quick catch up…
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When Nana Akoto premiered in November, we were promised a tale of betrayal, identity, love and power struggles, but who could have foreseen the sheer amount of drama we’ve witnessed so far! 🤯

It’s been back-to-back cliffhangers as the characters in Kwaaman, Fanteland, Denkyera and the North have woven together an exciting tapestry fit for screen gods.

Let’s begin with the main man, Akoto 👑

He has identified as Denkyera from his youth, even though he is a son of Kwaaman by blood and birth. He feels so comfortable identifying himself as a native of Denkyera that he is oblivious of the scorn with which he is regarded. Things get so bad that Akoto bizarrely pulls a knife on his own father! Will he be forced to swallow the bitter pill of betrayal?

Mansa’s arc is compelling, isn’t it? 💪🏿

From someone born to a slave mother and who has never met her dad, a few odd moments in her life leave her to suspect that the ‘unknown’ father is, actually, the Gyaasehene – the second most powerful man in the land. While piecing together her chequered history, Mansa works hard to earn the respect of the court. Her culinary are so good that when the king of the North – a man widely known for being a snobbish, picky eater – gushes over her food, the powers that be finally begin to notice her. Will she get the dignity she deserves?

But Mansa is not all about just her cooking 💔

Her stunning visage attract the roving eyes of Prince Ntim, who is very aware that courting a slave girl is frowned upon. Once people start suspecting this illicit affair, Ntim is forced to pretend to be in love with Abrafi, daughter of the Gyaasehene. This leads to Mansa getting very hurt, and she threatens to break up with Ntim. But for how long can she escape her true feelings? 

Nana Akoto Mansa

Should Mansa accept Ntim if he ever wants a comeback?

Yes, should should forgive him50%
Definitely not!50%

Lurking quietly is the scheming Dufie 🤨

While everyone thinks she is constantly monitoring her brother Ntim’s actions because she cares, they do not know that Dufie is plotting his downfall. We are all shocked when her one true ambition is revealed: to be the first ever female king in the history of Denkyera kingdom. How far will she go?

The plotting, scheming, and tension (and, oooh, the kissing scenes!) are so fast-paced that we have hardly been able to catch a breath so far! Thank goodness for DStv Steam, which enables us to watch repeats of the show at our convenience.

As the story builds to an exciting crescendo, never miss an episode of Nana Akoto, Monday to Friday at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv channel 102. Reconnect now to enjoy the best of Akwaaba Magic on #MyDStv or #MyGOtv