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Four times Nana Ntim showed his true colours as king

28 April 2024
Nana Ntim - fierce, fearless, and would stop at nothing to show his true character while wielding unlimited power!
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The diplomacy, suspense, schemes, and unexpected plot twists are some of the savory reasons why many Ghanaians cannot go a week without enjoying the excitement that comes with Nana Akoto.

The series’ heightened suspense and many wow moments have left viewers clamouring for more each week, while the fanbase experiences astronomical growth. It suffices to say that the riveting journey Nana Akoto has taken us on is unrivaled with to-die-for drama making it one for the gods - literally!

We take a deep dive into Nana Ntim’s life in the series as we capture moments that show that he is destined to be king. Can we all agree that he appears to be doing too much after tasting the sweet nectar that drips from the halls of unbridled and raw power? 

Here are four times Nana Ntim showed that he had nerves of steel and was fit for the throne:


When he gave his elders a taste of his wrath

Nana Ntim succinctly stamped his authority as lord and master of the kingdom after he ascended the throne. He showed that he was ready to spill blood - even that of his closest associates - to prove that he is not a weak king. At a point, he almost ‘ended’ his chief priest and Gyaasehene when they wanted to scheme against him. What a king!


Proving to his elders that he was no pushover

After ascending the throne, Okomfo Kusi and Gyaasehene appeared to be on the tail of Nana Ntim waiting for him to put a foot wrong. The young king, however, managed to intercept all the schemes of his close circle and managed to prove his diplomatic skills all the time.


When he kidnapped the daughter of his fierce rival and taunted him about it

Nana Ntim gives his fierce rival a taste of his own medicine as he kidnaps his daughter with the hopes of bringing him to his knees. Nana Ntim proves that he fears no one and can walk through a lion’s lair unscathed! 


Showing that desperate times call for desperate measures

Following being crowned king, Nana Ntim had to learn how to skillfully play his cards to get his enemies on his side. When it mattered most, Nana Ntim sought help from his Gyaasehene to squash a threat in his kingdom. Talk about diplomacy at the highest level! At one point, it appeared he was getting power drunk and many viewers agreed. What do you think?

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