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Spotlight on Joselyn Dumas on becoming Lankai – Madam

19 August 2023
From script to screen, Joselyn Dumas brings Lankai Morgan to life in this exclusive chat.
Madam, drama show, Akwaaba Magic drama, drama on Akwaaba Magic

Get an inside scoop as we sit down with the beautiful Joselyn Dumas, the force behind Madam's fierce Lankai Morgan, sharing insights into her dynamic role and top fashion choices from the character's wardrobe, while drawing intriguing connections between her personal fashion preferences and those of her character.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy! 🍿

Akwaaba Magic (AKM): How has it been playing the role of Lankai Morgan?

Joselyn Dumas (JD): It’s been great! I mean it’s been mad crazy; I’ve had some ups and downs and everything in-between. I look forward to going to set every day, getting into character, and becoming Lankai Morgan.

AKM: What was your first reaction when you saw the script?

JD: My first reaction was WOW! I didn’t see the full script, because Shirley is still writing as we’re going along, but the first few episodes were amazing, and I was like “OMG!” and the first thing I said when I saw the script was. “Wow Shirley, this is mind-boggling, and I can’t believe we’re doing something like this on Ghanaian television. As you can see, the show entails money, sex and power and we’re giving viewers exactly that in my opinion.

AKM: How would you describe Lankai’s role from your eyes?

JD: Lankai is a mother, she is a businesswoman (both legitimate and illegitimate businesses), she’s a friend, and a mentor and I think she’s able to wear all these caps so well. It’s quite admirable and exciting to play such a character because she’s everything in one.

AKM: Please give us a backstory of the relationship between Lankai and James Morgan.

JD: The reason why there is friction between Lankai and her husband is… haha! I want you all to watch the show as the story unfolds – is it a marriage of convenience, is it one of high school sweethearts that have gone sour, are they tired of each other? Well, the story unfolds, so keep watching Madam!

AKM: Lankai is a fashion icon and so is Joselyn, in what other ways would you say you’re similar to this character?
JD: One of the things I absolutely love about this character is her fashion sense, it’s something that Joselyn Dumas can relate to. Lankai is bold, unapologetic, she wears whatever she wants to wear and that sort of sets the mood and the pace for the rest of the day for her. I think there are so many similarities between myself and this character in terms of their fashion sense, I mean I wear what I want to wear and if it makes me happy and comfortable, why not? (*laughs)

AKM: What is your favourite fashion piece on the show so far?
JD: It has to be the Selina Beb clutch; it’s got a beautiful splash of colours with a little wooden handle. It’s proudly Ghanaian and was made with love. I love every little piece from the earrings to the little details on every accessory and outfit that I wear but one of the things I absolutely love and is my favourite fashion piece is this clutch. I mean when you see it, you’ll agree with me.

AKM: How do you prepare to get into character when you get on set?

JD: I don’t think I do, because one of the good things about being on a Shirley project is that she is writing the TV series as we go along. So by the end of the week, she does summaries and with the summaries, you know where the characters are going, the pace and mood for the week. So what I do is to get on a phone call with her and discuss the character extensively and talk through the pace for the rest of the week and that is the mindset I bring on set for each week to prepare for the character; and this goes for every character on set so we get to prepare ahead and be in sync.

AKM: Tell the viewers three reasons they should stay glued to Madam on Akwaaba Magic.

JD: Oh, the drama, the suspense and my oh my, it gets messier! So everyone, make sure to tune in to Madam every Monday to Friday at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv Supa channel 102 for all the drama. It’s a date! Love you guys!