Madam, drama show, Akwaaba Magic drama, drama on Akwaaba Magic, Naa Sika, Nikki Samonas
Madam, drama show, Akwaaba Magic drama, drama on Akwaaba Magic

Van Ankrah

He is the newly appointed minister for Gender and Social Welfare is an upright young man who has succeeded in his various fields of education and work until his government appointed role. Van has an ambition to become President one day in hopes of inspiring the young generation to do more for their country. His beloved father who was also his hero was a reputable army officer who was greatly revered by his peers and superiors for leading an exemplary life. Even though deceased Van lives by his father’s rule book, to live a guilty free life by simply doing the right thing. Having steadily climbed up the party ranks by working in various ministries to help implement programs for the youth, his appointment as deputy minister for Gender and Social Welfare has come by no surprise to everyone. Van is strict and yet fair; he listens and implements if the outcome generates the right results. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think the numerous NGO institutions in the country are generating the ‘right results’ for their depiction as safe houses for the under privileged in the country. The general hue and cry about their manhandling of charitable funds for their own gains hasn’t helped the overall situation.
One of Van’s goals is to shut down the NGO’s who are working outside their code of ethics and prosecute those found guilty of bad behavior. Lankai’s insistence to be overly nice to him when he’s just trying to do his job raises an immediate red flag for Van and he goes after her despite the cautions and impediments put in his way by his own government. However, he becomes distracted when he meets and falls in love with an impressive young lady called Patricia Larney.
Her ability to sway his opinions become evident when he starts ignoring his work with the NGO’s. Van becomes caught in Patricia’ web of lies until pieces of information about her doesn’t add up. Thinking she’s cheating on him with another guy Van ends their relationship and puts his focus back on his job which leads him to even more disturbing revelations about Patricia’s true identity and her involvement with Lankai and the NGO. Feeling played, Van goes for blood, but as usual Lankai is a step ahead and soon he grapples with the reality of doing the right thing against saving his reputation.