Madam, drama show, Akwaaba Magic drama, drama on Akwaaba Magic, Naa Sika, Nikki Samonas
Madam, drama show, Akwaaba Magic drama, drama on Akwaaba Magic

Sarah Morgan

22, she is the notorious daughter of Lankai. Unlike her brother Sarah makes no excuses for her privileged life and happily enjoys the perks of her mother’s wealth to such extents that even Lankai frowns on her total disregard for her public display of lavishness. Unwilling to work or do anything significant with her life, Sarah wallows in her drinking and drug use while justifying her need for more money. A silly dare to see if her boyfriend has the skill to hack into her bank’s system and transfer money into her account quickly sets the eyes of the law after her. Completely out of her wits about how to return the money, Sarah seeks her brother’s assistance who also involves her father. Soon the trio are on a rollercoaster ride trying to find ways to hide ten million cedis of the bank’s money and for the first time in her life Sarah realizes that despite what she’s always thought of money, too much of it could be bad.