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33, Ahmed is a Lebanese Ghanaian man who runs Lankai’s Rehabilitation Center and keeps the girls in check. He is a narcissist who believes in his own importance over anybody else’s except for Lankai of course who he adores. Ahmed is aggressive with the girls and can be downright vicious if his authority is challenged. Not quite the suitable candidate for the job considering his male status, Ahmed has still stood the test of time over objections to his position
by the female members of the NGO thanks largely to Lankai influence who treats Ahmed like the brother she never had and relies on him for the smooth running of the escort service.
Ahmed is all knowing and all seeing, he doesn’t miss anything including his monthly pregnancy tests he runs in the center. If any girl is found pregnant, Ahmed ensures that she is thrown out of the center immediately and never resurfaces on their radar ever again. He is also the go to person who arranges all the incognito meetings between the girls and the clients and ensures that all evidence gathered by the girls are kept safely and away from prying eyes.
Ahmed backs up anything Lankai wants, in fact he will kill for her which is why Lankai protects him at all cost even when she discovers that Ahmed has impregnated one of her favorite girls. With Lankai’s guidance, Ahmed’s girl agrees to terminate the pregnancy but only on condition that she’s given lots of money and set free from her contracts. Ahmed and Lankai accept her condition except she never makes it back from the hospital. As a rule, any girl who blackmails Lankai must be silenced. Heartbroken from his girl’s death, Ahmed loses control of the center allowing another of Lankai’s favorite to go wayward. At the most crucial point, when it looks like all is going to be lost, Ahmed gives Sherifa an ultimatum, which saves Lankai from prosecution.