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The blockbuster finale we did not see coming — Inspector Bediako

08 July 2024
The stakes were high as Ike and his team raced against the clock to save those they loved.
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The second season of Inspector Bediako took a rather unsuspecting twist and culminated in a finale we would not mind watching over and over again.

Well-loved crime-fighting series, Inspector Bediako left fans biting their nails and anticipating the next moves from the side of the law as well as from the side of the villains. It suffices to say that the second season of Inspector Bediako lived up to the hype and took lovers of the show by surprise.

From the plot twists, intense gun battles filled with flying bullets to good guys unexpectedly switching sides, Inspector Bediako has indeed entertained many since the second season launched, and a desire for an explosive finale was expected as Ike and the rest of the team went hard at Mahogany and his cohorts.

All the hype and suspense came down to a surprising end as it was revealed that Blade who was making life a living hell for his former colleagues was only doing so to get into the good books of Mahogany - nobody saw this twist coming. While many fans were having sleepless nights over his sudden switch Blade, together with Ike, knew what they had to do to ensure that Mahogany spent the rest of his life behind bars of brass.

Kidnapping Welma’s mother, giving Mahogany the edge over Ike every time the law came close to nabbing the ‘galamsey kingpin’ and even taunting Ike for being too ‘slow’, it would not have crossed anyone’s mind that it was all a ploy by Blade.

A finale fit for the gods was witnessed as Ike damned all the consequences of returning Mahogany’s gold and even risked losing his girlfriend by staying the course and fighting till the very end. Albeit a well-thought-out plan, Ike’s actions got many worried with the fears of the worst happening to Adwoa and being overrun by Mahogany. It was however not to be, and everyone was left happy after Ike scaled all the hurdles to save the day. No surprises there!😉

Blade's daring last-minute of kidnapping Ike’s fiancée, Adwoa, could have gone south, but the determination to bring an end to Mahogany’s outfit prevailed and gave victory to the good guys, not without a fight.

Mahogany and his men took their chances to walk away with something and ended up engaging the police in a fierce gun battle that led to the law enforcers overpowering the lawbreakers.

The height of the finale was the final stand of Mahogany as he taunted Ike to a hand-to-hand combat having been cornered as he tried to flee the scene.

The ensuing ‘boxing match’ saw Ike landing some damaging punches completely overpowering Mahogany and restoring tranquility to Nana Oppong’s town at last!

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Not only did Ike get one over Mahogany but Adwoa was saved, illegal mining was brought to an end while all the bad guys including the chief priest and Ofori, got what they deserved. What a nerve-wracking finale!


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