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Inspector Bediako


Why we’re excited about the launch of Inspector Bediako

30 November 2021
Reasons to tune in.
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The 1990’s Ghanaian Detective TV Series Inspector Bediako has remained one of the most loved TV series ever produced in Ghana. Since the end of the production, calls have come from across board for its continuation. In the absence of any detective series, the ground is still fertile for another successful installation.

This series follows the life of Inspector Bediako Jnr, the son of the legendary Inspector Bediako who uses smart and creative detective means to investigate and solve domestic criminal cases ranging from kidnapping, corruption, murder, and robberies to protect the public from danger. It is a sequel to the hit 90s series of the same title.

According to the amazing Director and Producer – Ivan Quashigah, it will be centered on indigenous Ghanaian crime stories.

What to expect
A son steps into the shoes of his father – Inspector Bediako Snr. Under the watchful eyes of his superiors and envious colleagues, he must march up or live to regret ever stepping forward to join the profession his father is so revered in. 
The New Inspector Bediako TV series is not the typical investigstive series like the NCIS. It is crime investigation in Ghana/Africa. It will build on the successes of the previous installment. It will be produced to reflect the unique African experience and approach to fighting cime.

The stories will mainly be akin to the Ghanaian context. It will have an appreciable level of humour, tension, suspense and personal stories of the investigative team. It will also highlight their strengths and weaknesses as individuals and also as a team.

Like other detective and crime series, there will be some action scenes – chase etc but it will be driven mainly by the smart, ingenous and innovative techniques the team will employ in unravelling crime.

Tune in for the season premiere on Monday, December 6 at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv ch 150 and GOtv Supa ch 101. Tell a friend to tell a friend!