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Inspector Bediako


Non-stop entertainment this June on Akwaaba Magic

05 June 2024
This month dier the anigye-tainment on Ghana’s most loved storyteller is too much. We have exciting shows for everyone!
June Cover

The month of June has already started in earnest and amid the hustle and flow, you need a ‘soft life’ corner to chill and relax and that is where Akwaaba Magic comes in.

Check out our bouquet of fun, suspense, action and drama-filled shows we have lined up to keep you entertained all month long. This June dier anigye nkoaaaa!


The thrills continue on Inspector Bediako

The second season of the blockbuster crime fighting detective series, Inspector Bediako has got fans digging deep to fetch their inner detectives as each episode keeps you guessing and wondering about the next step to take. Ike and his team now have to grapple not only with Mahogany and his boys, but with ‘good cop gone bad’, Blade; as he turns his guns on the law. The mind games will literally blow your mind!

You cannot miss this thrilling second season of Inspector Bediako on Akwaaba Magic. Put on your crime-solving cap and join the detectives on Mondays at 9:00 pm to solve the hardest mysteries and put the bad guys in their rightful places. Are you up for it?


Lankai Morgan, a.k.a Madam is back!

Lankai Morgan is back in town and everyone is treading cautiously to avoid crossing her path. The second season of Madam is already making waves all over town and has left fans craving more at the end of every episode. With renewed energy, a dose of vengeance, and a thirst for power, Lankai is all armed and equipped to take down her ‘enemies’ and just to see her plans come to pass!

Catch Madam and all the shenanigans right here on Akwaaba Magic from Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm. 


New show alert: After The Wedding

Aaron and Pat get married and right from the get-go, experience the bad side of family influence in marriage. Tagged a mummy’s boy, Aaron is fighting tooth and nail to shirk that name, but his mother does not make it easy at all. Pat has her hands full as well, fighting animosity from her mother-in-law. To add more wahala to the already messy situation, Aaron’s mother starts ‘packaging’ a village champion to replace Pat. Who wouldn’t love to live in such a home with all the drama, right? 

Watch After the Wedding on Akwaaba Magic every weeknight at 5:00 pm and take a lesson or two about married life.


The Flow returns to your screens!

Forget the tension between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy because the heat between Lexo and Quanty - two underground rappers working their way to the top - is crazy. They have to grapple with their own egos, family, and the burning desires to outdo each other as they navigate through the ever-tough music industry. Join these two on their journey to success every Mondy to Friday at 5:30 pm.


New this month: Eda Wanim

Maame Akyiaa is courting the chances of seeing her eldest son ascend the throne and would stop at nothing to see that happening. The favoured son, Tieku, however, has issues that may just disrupt his chances of becoming the next chief. The other son, Asare, who wants nothing to do with the throne is rather being drawn to the throne without making an effort. Join this royal journey for an awesome experience on Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 pm.


We have more new shows in store for you this month: Asem Bi

The forbidden love between a brother and sister leaves the former becoming overprotective and would not mind killing to keep his sister by his side. The chief of the village falls in love with the same lady and crosses paths with the brother who would not want his sister taken away no matter what.

Mark your calendars, Asem Bi premieres on 24 June at 7:00 pm right here on Akwaaba Magic.



Mr. Adu-Boahene is left with the arduous task of naming a successor to the family’s multimillion-cedis business due to ill health. With this news out in the public, each family member races to outdo each other so that they can get the chance to lead the business.

A house is about to be divided against itself: can it stand? Catch Dissension which premieres on 21 June at 5:30 pm.



Enter a compound house made up of people from all walks of life and attitudes - typical of all compound houses in Ghana. The landlord, who is an ex-military man has to deal with his troublesome tenants who are mostly engaged in opposite lives. Aha b3y3 d3 ankasa! We are in for a rib-cracking time and we are here for all the compound house wahala! 

Watch Landlord which premieres on 27 June at 6:30 pm right here on Akwaaba Magic.


No Longer Teens

Tyrone, a notorious drug dealer changes his identity to keep a low profile and avoid getting arrested. As fate would have it, he falls in love with Chelsea who is already in a romantic relationship with Chris. How will this love triangle pan out eventually? Asem s3b3!

Watch No Longer Teens which premieres 21 June at 5:00 pm only on Akwaaba Magic DStv CH 150 and GOtv Channel 102.


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