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We're ready for the return of Maafio in Inside Out season 2

06 October 2021
Let the mayhem begin!

With Maafio back from the land of the dead, it’s only right to expect all shades of drama in this new season.

What to expect:

Maafio is not dead.  She was in coma but now that she is back, she wants vengeance.  She forms an alliance with Lucia to get rid of Soraya once and for all but when Lucia’s solo attempt to kill Soraya backfires, the BNI’s boss lady seizes the opportunity to send Soraya, who is allegedly dead, into a deep cover operation out of Accra as Sally (a personality that is the direct opposite of Soraya).

Sally’s mission is to infiltrate a sex trafficking cartel known as the league headed by an unknown personality referred to as Shadow who is protected by his right-hand man, Eagle - a character who can smell trained security agents miles away. The BNI also believes that Lucia’s connection to Shadow means Mark (Soraya’s brother), could be close. This is also Soraya’s opportunity to locate and rescue Mark. What the world doesn’t know is that Shadow is Mr. George Ampah, a respected business tycoon and a philanthropist who is without a family. George Ampah

owns an unlisted resort, referred to as ‘The Fort’. The Fort is a fortified hideout for associates of the league when they are in trouble. His nephew, Fiifi Smith, unknowingly falls for Sally but has to navigate his affair with Lucia – whose son, Malcom, is actually Mr Ampah’s only son. That information, however, is yet to be made known to Fiifi and crazy Dede (his trophy girlfriend).

The Nunoo brothers are abducted on their way to prison after a hefty sentence and brought to the league for an underground trial for betraying Lucia, their mom. It is at this trial that the revelation about Malcolm’s genealogy is brought to the fore. This offsets the balance of things, especially when the revelation makes Malcom a strong contender against Fiifi who has been waiting all his life for the title of “Shadow” when Mr Ampah hands over. Fiifi now seeks to prove his worth, and feels he has the opportunity to do so when the BNI, through some information from Sally, places missing Nasara at the Nightclub the same night a group of girls were abducted for sex trafficking. The BNI on the other hand, has the breakthrough they need and enough reasons to investigate Fiifi and his possible link with the league.

 Fiifi who should have alerted Shadow about this development, decides to handle it himself and the repercussions of his actions lead to a catastrophic turn of events for himself and members of the league. The BNI is fierce and relentless when Detective Issa is kidnapped by Fiifi and makes The Fort his go to place for shelter, but he wants Sally to go with him.

More drama!

Maafio partners with Mr.  Ampah for the execution of the railway contract and soon becomes Mr.  Ampah’s go-to person for serious matters. Interestingly, Lucia used to be that person and now, the green eye of jealousy raises its head. Their relationship is further strained when Yaa’s body parts are found in the compound of the Nunoo’s. Maafio thinks it’s an act fueled by Lucia’s jealousy and the two have a fall-out. Maafio is now wanted for murder and flees to The Fort for shelter. Ama keeps Mark under guard in the basement of one of the chalets at the Fort but she has her own demons to fight. She wants out and has been planning for a while now. She promised the late Mr Nunoo that she would protect Mark, but here she, is keeping him in chains under Lucia’s command. When her allegiance to Mr. Nunoo gets the better part of her, she frees Mark just around the time when all the major players converge at The Fort. How long can Sally play hide and seek with all her enemies? Enemies will become foes and vice versa to survive this dog-eat-dog society of crime, deceit, and passion. Every move matters, and every move has its consequences....

How long can Soraya maintain her cover as Sally as she races against time to uncover Shadow and rescue her brother in an environment where everyone wants her dead? Don’t miss the season premiere on October 7, 2021, at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150.