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In Sally, out Soraya! – Inside Out

20 November 2021
With Maafio back in the picture, it’s only right for Soraya to change her face … and looks!
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Soraya got into a planned car accident while she was with Detective Issa, and just when we thought her fake death announcement would save her from the cold claws of revenge, Maafio said no.

Working with the BNI

The boss lady has recruited Soraya to join the BNI as an undercover spy under the guise of Sally to help fish out The League. Although, boss lady is using Soraya to get through to Shadow, Fiifi and The League, Soraya is using this as a means to find her brother, Mark – who Lucia kidnapped after killing Nathaniel Nunoo. Even though Soraya has tried many times to get herself out of her new detective shoes, she finds herself circling back to this mission because of her brother. The good thing is that she has Detective Issa coming through with all the motivation and encouragement to help her through this.


New bae, who’s this? Soraya’s new life as Sally has given her a new lover named Fiifi and unlike her loving Papa Yaw, Fiifi is a rugged, shady man with his hands stained with the blood of many. However, Fiifi seems to be enjoying the thrill with Sally, while he juggles his other two women – Lola and Lucia.

*Side note: Getting intimate with Fiifi isn’t part of Sally’s mission at The League, so imagine the look on boss lady’s face when she found out what Soraya has been getting up to under the sheets.

Maafio digs out Soraya’s lies

Not convinced that Soraya left the surface of the earth without any trace, Maafio took it upon herself to carry out an autopsy. She went in search for Soraya’s body and all the shovels and spades couldn’t help the gravediggers find the body. It was at the moment Maafio realised that she had been tricked and now, she’s determined to get to the bottom of this. Of course, with Comfort Mensah’s properties and KorKor’s will for grabs, Maafio isn’t backing down.

Shadow versus the Nunoos

Just as Shadow was about to pass the judgement for Malcolm and Micah to be killed for snitching on their mother to the police, Lucia makes a shocking revelation that Shadow is Malcolm’s father. This confession saves the Nunoo brothers and Shadow embraces Malcom as his son, leaving Micah under the mercy of being associated with him. Now that they’re living with Shadow at the Forte, they have no choice but to follow the rules and mission of The League.

One person that is evidently not happy about the news of Shadow’s son, is Fiifi, who is Shadow’s nephew and has been waiting in line to wear Shadow’s shoes when he’s gone. But with an heir in sight, he sure stands no chance. Will he eliminate Malcolm or find a way to live with this new twist?

Maafio has been introduced to The League and has recently found herself in Shadow’s good books because of how diligent and committed she has been in The League. We can’t wait to see how Lucia takes this sudden closeness between these two and also how Malcolm and Fiifi battle it out as the mist deserving successor of Shadow’s title.

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