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The face of revenge – Inside Out

29 March 2021
If revenge had a face and a name, it would be SORAYA!
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Even before Soraya began her journey to seek justice, Yaa was already at the forefront of this war with Maafio. When KorKor was murdered in the first episode after she confronted her husband Sam Lartey for marrying Maafio, her nurse Comfort (who also happens to be Soraya’s mother) witnessed the murder.

Comfort not only appeared on the scene, but she was also eventually framed for the murder and immediately arrested for it. This prompted Soraya to put her accounting career on pause so she could throw all her energy into exonerating her mother.

Just before Soraya showed up at the Larteys doorstep, Yaa got hold of the micro camcorder that had recorded the murder. However, when the news got to Maafio, she ordered Sam to get rid of the mole in the house to avoid having Detective Forson discover the truth. Yaa attempted to tell Sam the truth and then also tried to blackmail him, but following the orders of his new wife Maafio, he threatened Yaa and ordered her to leave the house.

Soraya has set her plan in motion and is now serving as a maid at the Larteys so she can find the proof she needs to clear her mother’s name and get her out of jail. Problem is; the only piece of evidence that can free Comfort has been destroyed by Maafio. Yaa, the only person who may have the answers, is presumed dead.

While Soraya was trying to solve this puzzle (and fighting notable police corruption at the same time) she received a call informing her Comfort (her mother) had died in jail.

Will Soraya let karma do the job, or is she prepared to take the law into her own hands even if her life depends on it? We can’t wait to find out!

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