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Husband Material


The finest yards to make the perfect Husband Material

27 July 2023
These tips will surely win her heart.
Husband Material, dating game show, reality show, Akwaaba Magic

As the quest to find the ultimate Husband Material continues, the competition heats up with one finalist already in the running. Our esteemed Judges have shared vital insights on what sets the finest husband material apart. Gentlemen, get ready to take notes and impress! 📓

Have a good head on your shoulders 💁‍♂️

While charm, charisma, and good looks are essential, Jayson demonstrated that intelligence and eloquence hold the key to winning hearts. It's not just about saying what the ladies want to hear; rather, intentional answers that resonate with their emotions work like magic. Let your wit and wisdom shine, captivating the hearts of those around you, especially your woman! 😏

Master the kitchen skills 👨‍🍳

Nothing wins a woman's heart like a man who can work his magic in the kitchen. Alejandro's mishap in cooking yam and egg stew serves as a comical reminder of the importance of culinary prowess. Showcasing your culinary talents will make you stand out as a husband material, capable of satisfying both the heart and the taste buds. Trust us with this tip, it landed Jayson a spot in the finals!

Dress her up in style 👗

Being a fashion-forward man is admirable, but there's an added bonus to husband material status: the ability to curate stylish outfits from your woman's wardrobe. Demonstrating a keen eye for fashion and complementing her taste will earn you her trust and affection. After all, what better way to win her heart than to become her personal stylist?

Becoming the finest husband material requires a balanced blend of intellect, culinary prowess, and fashion sense. As the competition unfolds, our Bachelors will continue to reveal their distinct traits every Friday at 8:30 pm on Akwaaba Magic. Stay tuned for more invaluable tips as we journey towards crowning the ultimate Husband Material!