Husband Material, dating game show, reality show, Akwaaba Magic
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Husband Material


Introducing Husband Material: The ultimate reality game show on Akwaaba Magic

13 June 2023
Calling all romantics and reality TV enthusiasts! Husband Material is about to take your screens by storm on Akwaaba Magic.
Husband Material, dating game show, reality show, Akwaaba Magic

Are you ready for a dating game show like no other? Akwaaba Magic is bringing you Husband Material, a thrilling and entertaining series that will put potential grooms to the ultimate test. Get your calendars out and mark the date - June 23rd at 8:30 pm, because this is a show you won't want to miss!

A diverse group of Bachelors will showcase their qualities and prove their eligibility as the perfect grooms for their future wives. This unique dating show goes beyond looks and dives into what truly attracts women to men. Is it their intelligence, charm, or even their fufu-pounding skills? 😏 Let's find out together!

The show's concept revolves around challenging the participants to go above and beyond to impress their potential mothers-in-law. From arranging elaborate meals to taking care of babies, these men will face fun yet grueling tasks that will push them to their limits. It's not just about winning the tasks; it's about winning the hearts of the entire family.

A total of 39 men in relationships will have the chance to participate in this exciting journey. Each task they complete impeccably brings them one step closer to being crowned the ultimate Husband Material. But here's the twist - while the mother-in-law evaluates their performances, the girlfriend will be in a hidden room with two family members, secretly casting her vote. The stakes are high, and the contestants are determined to win a significant prize.

In a world where true love often seems elusive, Husband Material takes center stage to offer a unique opportunity for these men to showcase their charisma, intelligence, and yes, even their fufu-pounding skills. The show aims to explore the various qualities that attract women to men, be it their looks, their minds, or their ability to connect on a deeper level.

Hosted by the charming and charismatic Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Husband Material features a diverse group of eligible Bachelors who will go head-to-head in a series of challenges, all while attempting to win the hearts of the lovely Judges. Each episode will bring a new set of exhilarating activities and heartfelt moments as the contestants compete for a chance at becoming the best husband material.

Throughout the season, viewers will witness the ups and downs, the laughter, and tears, from intimate one-on-one conversations to grand gestures of affection, the show promises to be an emotional rollercoaster that will leave audiences rooting for their favorite Contestant.

Don't miss out on the chance to witness this thrilling journey unfold before your eyes. Tune in to Akwaaba Magic on DStv channel 150 and GOtv channel 102 every Friday, starting from the 23rd of June, at 8:30 pm. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or simply intrigued by the complexities of modern dating, Husband Material guarantees entertainment that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Get ready for laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments as the show unfolds before your eyes. Will these men rise to the challenge and prove they have what it takes to be the perfect grooms? Join us on Akwaaba Magic as we embark on this captivating journey of love, trials, and triumphs.

Make sure to tune in on June 23rd at 8:30 pm and follow the gripping episodes of Husband Material. Share the excitement with your friends and family, and let the discussions begin! Who will be crowned the ultimate Husband Material? Stay tuned to find out!

Remember to use the hashtags #HusbandMaterialAkM and #AkwaabaMagic to join the conversation and show your support for your favorite contestants. It's time to discover who truly possesses the qualities of a perfect groom and is ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime.