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Mam'Sonto: A villain with a mother's perfect love - Gomora

07 May 2023
She embodies the epitome of the antihero, simultaneously playing the role of a formidable villain, while showcasing an unexpected soft side as a loving mother. She's Mam'Sonto!
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The contrast between her ruthless actions and her devotion to family creates a captivating narrative that resonates with viewers of Gomora. Mam'Sonto's character serves as a reminder that even the most complex and flawed individuals can elicit both love and fascination from an audience.

A villain's journey:

Mam'Sonto's journey as a villain is marked by her cunning strategies, ruthless nature, and involvement in criminal activities. She commands respect and fear from those around her, with a reputation that precedes her every move. From orchestrating complex schemes to manipulating situations to her advantage, Mam'Sonto's power and influence are undeniable. Her love for Bra Mike didn't stop her from getting her hands dirty when she needed to, even after several warnings from him, until his death.

A mother's warm heart:

Despite her villainous pursuits, Mam'Sonto showcases an undeniable love for her family, particularly her daughter Thathi. The audience witnesses the tender moments between them, where Mam'Sonto's fierce protectiveness and unwavering support for Thathi are on full display. It is this paradoxical relationship that adds depth to her character, evoking both admiration and complexity. Even when Thathi shot her after finding out that she's linked to her husband's murder, her undying love for her daughter and perhaps overwhelming guilt made her forgive her and not expose her.

The lover girl:

As the story unfolds, Mam'Sonto finds herself entangled in a romantic relationship with Bra Mike, an old flame, and this connection surprised both her and the audience. Through their love story, we witness a different side of Mam'Sonto—one that is vulnerable, passionate, and capable of experiencing genuine affection. This unexpected turn of events sheds light on her capacity for love and reveals a more nuanced aspect of her character. We loved to see lover girl Mam'Sonto while it lasted, before Mazet's careless trigger fingers snatched life away from Bra Mike.

While her villainous actions may repel, her unwavering love for her family and the glimpses of vulnerability and tenderness she exhibits make her relatable and human. It is this complex blend of good and evil, strength and vulnerability, that keeps the audience hooked and invested in her story.

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