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Ekaw Denfo


Introducing Ekaw Danfo: The comedy sensation

01 August 2023
Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of comedy and drama as Somuah takes on the city of Takoradi, one debt at a time.
Akwaaba Magic, Ekaw Danfo, comedy series

In the vibrant city of Takoradi, Ghana's famous Oil City, there's a formidable figure who stands tall and commands respect. Meet Somuah – famously known as the loan collector. Standing at an imposing 6 feet and weighing over 160kg, Somuah's presence demands attention. Her journey into the world of debt collection was an unexpected one, stemming from the aftermath of a failed investment deal that shattered her marriage and reputation.

Determined to clear her name and embark on a mission to the big city, Somuah knew she needed money. With a goal to improve her English-speaking skills, she took on the role of a loan collector. Her fierce and eccentric nature quickly earned her a reputation in the business. Almost everyone in need of debt collection assistance seeks her out, knowing that she can get the job done.

Her powerful presence is partly due to her size, but it's also backed by a network of tough individuals she calls upon when the situation demands it. Alongside her stands her trusted cousin Kwamena Bintum, who serves as her driver and record keeper. Though loyal, Kwamena's constant bickering with Professor Atkinson Brown, Somuah's on-the-job nosy English teacher, sometimes adds humor and tension to their adventures.

Somuah's path as a loan collector is not just about money; it's about seeking justice and redemption. With her determined spirit, fearless demeanor, and support system, she has carved a unique niche in Takoradi's debt collection world. As she navigates the challenges that come her way, Somuah's journey is one of empowerment, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of her goals.

In the heart of Takoradi, Ekaw Danfo, the loan collector, stands tall and proud, ready to face any challenge that comes her way. From fishing folks to corporate elites, everyone knows not to mess with Somuah – the formidable force that keeps the debts in check.

Follow Ekaw Denfo's thrilling adventures as she takes on the world of debt collection, clears her name, and discovers her true strength. Tune in to Akwaaba Magic for the premiere on 22 August at 8:30pm to witness the excitement unfold!