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Dede versus the Robertsons – Dede

19 August 2021
These are some key moments that we can't get over.
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The show, Dede has aired 119 episodes so far and has evoked different emotions with the audience – ranging from the ships that have been hits and misses, family love and relationships that have either been overlooked or underexplored. However, one question has been on everyone’s lips, is how it will end for the beautiful Dede. Let’s take a look at unmissable moments that have kept social media whirring in recent episodes.

Patrick is in love with Dede

While we can all agree that this is no surprising news to the Dede fans, one thing we’ve recently come to realize is that this isn’t just a feeling as his love has stood firm through the test of time. After Rama denied being a part of the Christine/Dede plan, the Robertsons sent her out of the house for a second time, which led her back home. As expected, Belinda and Lilly went the extra mile to ensure Dede was out of their lives for good, as they sent Hanson to report the false allegations against Dede to the elders.

This prompted the village elders to stage an attack against Nii Ocansey and his family and they violently attempted to send Dede out of town. There came prince charming Patrick, saving Dede’s family for a second time and we couldn’t help but jump on the #PaDe ship immediately. Who would have thought that after hearing Michael reveal the Christine/Dede mission, Patrick would leave everything he was attending to in order to go meet the love of his life? Not only did he save her from being attacked by the villagers, but he also took Dede and her family to his house in the city. Now that Patrick has proposed to her, we actually need Dede to recognize what true love means and come join us on this #PaDe ship. Fingers crossed!

Do you also think Patrick shouldn't marry Dede?

Rama Robertson is the mysterious face

This shocking, not-so-shocking revelation was welcomed by an excited audience as we saw the entire Christine/Dede situation at the Robertson’s was orchestrated by Rama. With Rama by her side, it was evident that victory was Dede’s, and we happily anticipated the disgrace that came knocking on Belinda’s face when everything was revealed. Or so we thought…

Poor Dede thought her mission had come to an end and carried her shoulders high up to tell Michael the truth and also get her well-deserved justice. Imagine our surprise when Belinda beat Dede to it and was backed up by her evil gang, alongside lies, manipulation and deceit. The proof Dede had against the Robertson’s was tampered with and when Dede called on Rama to save her from the false accusation, we saw a different side of her. When did Rama join Belinda’s league of liars? Why did she deny being involved in this quest for justice? Keep reading to find out.

Michael isn’t a legitimate Robertson child

OMG! The only thing Belinda had against Rama and of course as expected, she used this piece of information to blackmail her into keeping silent. The story is that the forever promiscuous John Robertson had an affair while still ‘happily’ married to Rama many years ago and this affair resulted to the birth of Michael. Rama welcomed the child into their home and loved him unconditionally. Belinda wasn’t able to buy her silence for long with this information, because Michael had already known this truth since he was 6-years-old. Knowing this, Rama revealed the truth about Dede’s innocence to Michael and he left for the village to make things right. Talk about bad timing, right?

Lilly sure loves her Diamonds

One thing for sure is that where the money is, is exactly where you’ll find our dear Lilly. Hence, it was no surprise when MaryAnn revealed that after Lilly got engaged to Michael and left him at the altar when he was penniless, she went off to get engaged to another man; and upon hearing that Michael was back on his feet, she came crawling back. Of course, she denied these allegations, and to get the truth, Rama asked if she would still marry Michael now that she knows about him not being a legitimate Robertson child. Our darling diamond-digging Lilly took to her heels before the question was asked.

What next?
Michael’s true identity has been exposed, Dede’s innocence has been brought to light, and oh, Patrick’s intention has been made known to Dede by her father. These new turn of events will shape the fate of the characters in episodes to come, leaving us with some unanswered questions in mind. Will Michael be thrown away from the family business since he’s not the true heir? Will Dede see Patrick beyond being her boss and accept his proposal? Well, the drama continues on Mondays – Fridays at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150. Don’t forget that Showmax has got you covered if you can’t watch the episodes when they’re aired.