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Dede finale: A rollercoaster of emotions in season one

29 April 2023
The season finale of Dede had viewers holding their breath as they watched the fate of the characters unfold.
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The show had captured our hearts with its mix of drama, romance, suspense, and heart-stopping moments. We had been invested in the love-hate relationships of the characters for 260 days and episodes, and we were sad to see it end.

Director and Producer Shirley Frim-pong Manso did not disappoint with the drama-packed finale week. We watched as Dede found herself caught between the #MiDe and #PaDe shippers, Janet and Hanson's budding romance, Mansa's obsession with Michael, and Belinda's never-ending evil plots.

One of the most intense moments of the finale was when Tony came out in full force after Godfre confronted him with a knife for playing with Mimi's feelings. This turn of events may or may not put Patrick behind bars, leaving us wondering what would become of the Patrick and Mimi ship in season 2.

Mansa's actions also had viewers on the edge of their seats. She kept Michael longer than required in the hospital just so she could have him to herself, but upon his release, she found her way to the Robertson mansion, much to the dismay of #MiDe fans. The awkward conversation between Dede and Mansa added to the tension, making for a thrilling scene.

Belinda, despite her scheming ways, was a go-getter and fought until the end to secure her spot in the Robertson family. Losing her baby and making David feel guilty about it led to him running away from the city, and this may mean she loses the spot she had been trying to secure her whole life. The fate of Alice and the shares Belinda asked for upon taking her 'fake' DNA test were also left uncertain.

The #MiDe ship had been sailing smoothly until recently, with Mansa and Michael's kiss and Dede's decision to go to Axim. Michael pulled a romantic scene in their bedroom, but Dede was put off by his failure to prioritize her plans. This led to a dramatic slap that left viewers shocked and wanting more.

Janet also found herself in a love life that she may or may not have always wanted. The maids worked hard with Alice to break the love spell put on David, while Janet secretly got Alice to fix a love potion for Hanson, who is now willing to do anything for his lover.

With all these plot twists and cliff-hangers, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting season 2. Dede has captured our hearts, and we cannot wait to see what happens next in the lives of these characters.