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Unwrapping season one, episode one – Co-Habits

25 January 2022
One episode in and everyone is excited about this new romcom.
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What’s not to love about the premiere of Co-Habits on Akwaaba Magic? The adorable couple, the crazy best friends, the cute apartment and of course, the comedy… all these and more kept us glued to our screens for the first episode of this show.

What could possibly go wrong with two lovers deciding to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together right after getting engaged? A LOT! From Kwadwo waking up in the middle of the night to find his fiancée Lily bare-faced for the first time, to finding his living room as a hub for Lily’s shoes and dealing with Ivan and Rose’s hatred for each other, we’re definitely in for a swell and maybe bumpy ride on Co-Habits. Oh, and did we mention that it was Lily’s best friend – Ivan, who suggested the idea of living together before marriage? Just to mark her territory and fight off Lily’s nightmare – Rose.

Who else is loving Fiifi Coleman’s (Kwadwo) looks in this show?

Rose and Ivan are sworn enemies

Rose and Ivan’s first meeting at Kwadwo’s house for dinner, was rather chaotic as they both stepped on each other’s shoes, literally and Rose spent the entire evening crying about her ‘expensive’ shoes. A pair of shoes had them bickering at each other all night, without paying attention to the BIG news of the episode, the engagement news.

You think that’s all the drama that happened?

Rose recommended a therapist for Lily and Kay and while we thought there was already enough drama going on in the first episode, Sika’s reveal showed us that the drama only just began.

Have you met Sika, the therapist?

What do you think about Lily and Kay moving in together before getting married? Will it end in tears, or will this make them stronger and understand each other better?

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