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Akwaaba Magic brings ultimate viewing pleasure this April

09 April 2024
As the hub of authentic and premium Ghanaian entertainment, Akwaaba Magic provides nothing short of good stories filled with thrills, chills, and utmost excitement.
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As Ghana’s Most Loved Storyteller, finding all you want and more here is commonplace. Millions of Ghanaians already attest to the fact that ‘we dey form’ when it comes to all-round entertainment.

This April, Akwaaba Magic is packing a sucker punch of excitement as all the shows you have come to love and adore would be coming your way…and oh, and there’s more! We are bringing you reloaded excitement as we take it up a notch with more shows.

Join us as we take you on a rollercoaster of top-class television viewing experience.


Inspector Bediako (Season 2)

Ghana’s most feared Sheriff is back in town and criminals are already on their heels. His name is Bediako…Inspector Bediako. Join the crime and mystery-solving detective with his team of special forces rain fire and brimstone on the bad guys trying to mess with your day. If you think season one was a dealbreaker, this new season will surely get you in your ‘feelings’ as it gets hotter, and bigger with pulsating suspense and non-stop action. This season, the top cop tries to unravel the murder mystery which would see him go through the thick forests of Wassa and clamp down on notorious ‘galamsey operators’.

You cannot afford to miss an episode of this thrilling and fast-paced season of Inspector Bediako on Akwaaba Magic. Put on your crime-solving cap as you join the detectives on Mondays at 9:00 pm on DStv CH 150 and GOtv CH 102 to solve the hardest mysteries yet. 


Play By Ear

Saturday night television viewing has never been this exciting with music and brainwork teaming up to give the best of infotainment imaginable on the Play By Ear show on Akwaaba Magic. Join Kojo Manuel as he ‘grills’ his contestants while testing their resolve about their knowledge of music and trivia. You would need to be a combination of someone who is the life of the party and equally book-smart for you to ace this ultimate quiz show. It’s a must-watch for the whole family too!

Join the contestants as they go head-to-head to win the ultimate prize after three grueling rounds of nail-biting fun and excitement. Play By Ear premieres on Akwaaba Magic on May 31st and every Saturday at 8:00 pm on DStv CH 150 and GOtv CH 102. Think you’re smart? Prove your mettle on Play By Ear!


Nana Akoto

Join Akwaaba Magic on this riveting cultural and heritage journey as we bring you Ghana’s very own ‘Game of Thrones’. Set in the era of kingdoms, Akoto, the brave Asante warrior goes through hell and high water as he skillfully evades the Denkyira. With the help of a princess and a chief priest, he would stop at nothing to be crowned Asantehene to defeat his kingdom’s fiercest enemies.

Don’t miss this epic drama which will keep you on the edge of your seat as you anticipate what will happen next. Apart from exploring this compelling story of Ghana’s history, other sub-themes of love, betrayal, unity, determination, and forging bonds that make a difference will get you to fall more in love with this show. Join the fun on Nana Akoto which airs every weekday at 8:00 pm on DStv CH 150 and GOtv CH 102.



This series follows the story of Afia Achiaa (played by Benedictah Gafah) who does it all to get what she cannot give her wealthy husband - a child - in a desperate move to save her marriage.

With the help of an old acquaintance, Afia achieves her aim but years later, the mother who lost her child on the fateful day is handed an opportunity to right a wrong and possibly get back her stolen joy. Brenya stars Bill Asamoah, Kwaku Manu, and Clement Bonney famed as Mr Beautiful.

Who will have the last laugh? Afia or the mother who would stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the woes from the past? For answers, catch the suspense-filled drama on Mondays to Fridays at 8:30 pm on DStv CH 150 and GOtv CH 102.




In a tale of culture vs modernity, successful CEO Kwaku Bonsu is next in line for the throne. He is, however, torn between his life as a respected boss and the cultural underpinnings of being a local chief. Kwaku faces pressure from all quarters to decide and choose his fate.

After Kwaku makes the tough call, he realizes that he has probably made the biggest mistake of his life after realizing that some people had parochial interests which could spell doom for him forever. Will it be too late for Kwaku Bonsu to turn things around? We can only find out on Ahenfie which airs on Akwaaba Magic at 7:30 pm on DStv CH 155 and GOtv CH 102.


Madam Season 2

Step into the world of Lankai, the strong-willed woman who would stop at nothing to reach the apex in the halls of power and politics. Season 1 got the whole nation talking and the debate and chatter will go up by many notches in the all-new season. You cannot afford to miss this masterpiece. Madam will premiere on May 6 and will show from Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv CH 155 and GOtv CH 102.


Make a date with Akwaaba, Magic famed as Ghana’s Most Loved Storyteller as we take you on a ride of a lifetime with nothing but quality premium and authentic Ghanaian entertainment the whole family can enjoy! 


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