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Afia Achiaa proves herself as the queen of schemes in Brenya

17 June 2024
Think you are a schemer? Think again because Afia Achiaa would make your schemes seem like child's play.
Brenya, Akwaaba Magic, drama, Agony of a mother

Fans of Brenya can attest with their full chest that the only character they currently love to hate is Afia Achiaa. Her audacity and savagery have left fans wishing to beat her up ankasa! 

However, she can carry herself so well that despite the issues fans have with her, it is obvious that she is the one to look out for in the exciting series - ne show p3 nhw3 ankasa!

Afia Achiaa’s fears of not being able to have a child again grew into anxiety and transformed into obsession, then amalgamated into a devotion to get her desire at any cost.

Her quest to keep her marriage to Ofori and her secret under lock and key, saw her growing into what many can consider a ruthless woman bearing nothing but vile in her veins.

The only salvation she had was to bear a child for Ofori and watch him ascend the throne in his hometown and this motive drove Achiaa to unthinkable heights.

With no option in sight, she conspires with her former lover, Dr Ray, to give her the very thing she cannot produce - a child - to appease her husband and his ever-demanding relatives.

The plot is not to get pregnant by Ray but to get him to steal a baby while she pretends to be pregnant for nine excruciating months. Sosket! 

After keeping a lie for so long and getting Ray to deliver on his promise, Achiaa must now live with both the guilt of depriving another woman of her child and the fear of one day getting exposed. 

To ensure that none of these see the light of day, Achiaa, as fate and circumstances would have it, deals with anyone who knows of her treacherous act. She carefully plots the downfall of these characters and does so while enjoying every bit of it. All those she set her sights on to take out of the way, did not see it coming! 

Here are all the times Afia Achiaa schemed and showed that she is indeed always ready to go all out to achieve her aim.


From pretending to be pregnant…:

Achiaa had everyone fooled into believing that indeed she was pregnant. The biggest victim- arguably - in all of this was Ofori, who despite sleeping in the same bed with his wife, could not see through her lies. Afia managed to get her mother and Ofori’s mum to steer clear of any hint that could give her away. Let’s give it to her because she managed to hold her own and kept all those who suspected her at bay. Charley to lie for nine months no be joke! 


To double-crossing her blackmailers:

Afia Achiaa is an expert at tying up loose ends. She has so far managed to either eliminate or hush anyone who came up to her to threaten her with blackmail. The height of this was when she eliminated the nurse who was involved in the baby theft by sending her to an early grave. Achiaa agreed to pay her off, and after arranging where to meet and the amount involved, she injected the nurse on her blindside keeping her mute forever! Afia Achiaa 1 - Blackmailers - 0!


Using what she has to get what she wants:

Afua Achiaa, like anyone who is bent on carrying out a goal, used the resources available to her to make things happen for her. Despite her sometimes calm-and-collected outlook, she was able to manipulate many people including Dr. Ray who ended up getting arrested and paid for his sins eventually. She rides on Ofori’s desperation to have a child to milk him of stacks of cash and gets away with it. 


Pulling strings even from prison:

Despite being held under lock and key, Afia Achiaa acted and moved as if she were still a free woman. From tracking her ‘son’ Oheneba or Okatakyie - depending on where you stand- to plotting and executing the perfect escape, Achiaa showed that even the walls of prison could not hold her back. You cannot mess with a determined woman oh, hw3! 

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