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The twisted circle – Blurred Lines

12 August 2021
Name a more twisted friendship, we’ll wait…
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It all began when Chantel slept with Joe, who is Racheal’s boyfriend and in turn, Racheal slept with Max (Chantel’s boyfriend). This drama-packed show unfolds the story of four best friends, Racheal, Max, Joe, and Chantel as they redefine the meaning of friendship, in a distorted way.

How it started

They say revenge is best served cold, but Chantel decided to play the vengeance game her own way when she got back at Racheal by sleeping with Joe. According to her, she hated the fact that her boyfriend thought she was perfect and since she knew Max was still in love with Racheal, she went for what she thought would hurt her the most… her man. Racheal found out Joe was in bed with another lady but couldn’t lay her hands on who the mystery lady might be and after going on a solo journey to find out the cheat-enabler, she got the proof that it was her best friend.

How it ended

Just before Racheal got to know the truth about her best friend and boyfriend, Joe had already revealed it to Max. Which left Max confused as to how his innocent-looking-face girlfriend was capable of drugging his best friend, in order to end up in bed with him. While he was putting the pieces of this puzzle together, Racheal went to his house, to tell him what she knew. Almost as if they fell into the hands of fate, the two became each other’s shoulders to cry on and no thanks to the bottle of wine from Max’s ‘concerned’ neighbour, the two of them ended up in bed together. It doesn’t end there!

Max’s younger brother, Ade, caught Max and Racheal together and spilled this to Chantel. Of course, she went raving mad and went ahead to confront her (ex?) boyfriend. Chantel’s anger spiked up when she asked Max if he’s still in love with Racheal and his answer was positive. This led her storming out of his house with a knife in one hand as she raced to Racheal’s house. Upon getting to her (ex?) best friend’s house, a masked stranger, who was clearly not Racheal, attacked her with a knife, leaving her to bleed on the floor.

What next?

While we wait for the four of them to solve the mystery case of who killed Chantel, do you think Max and Racheal will pursue a relationship, seeing that they still love each other? Leaving us with another unanswered question – is Chantel even dead?

If you’re a lover of drama, twisted romance, thrills, mystery, and suspense, you’ll love this one. Catch Blurred Lines every Thursday at 9:00pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150. If you’re not by your TV, don’t worry, it’s now easier to watch or download your favourite show on the DStv App or you can simply catch up by streaming anytime on Showmax.