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Share the love with Akwaaba Magic this February!

01 February 2024
One brand new show plus the best love twists from your regular faves this month.
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Kwakus are red, Abrafis are blue, Akoto is sweet, and so are Ahenfie!

It's the month of love, and after the breathlessness of January, let February on Akwaaba Magic welcome you into its warm, cinematic embrace. As if by design, some of your favourite shows are overflowing with lovey-dovey arcs, but be warned: these love triangles are not always what you would expect! ⚠️

Play By Ear: Because we love, love you so much, we are jazzing things up with yet another new show to the already cool ones we’ve rolled out this year. The English expression ‘play by ear’ brings visual images of listening attentively to get answers to questions, usually through music. And that’s exactly what this new, family oriented music quiz show does!

It is deliberately designed to test the contestant’s knowledge in geography, politics, history, science, general knowledge, current affairs, and so on – by relating key facts to popular music and featured artistes. Think of it as a musical iteration of One Tough Question. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! 🔥

Play By Ear premieres Saturday, 24 February at 8:00pm.

Party Office: Love is brewing among members of Sunshine Party, at a time that winning an election should be considered the most important focus for the political party. Rather than ballots, it seems there are far more tantalizing victories to chase. For example, the party’s General Secretary, Tsotsoo, is rumoured to be having an affair with the star boy, Musa. Or what about Kpakpo, who is in turn accused by Tsotsoo of “turning the party office into a brothel”?

Then there is Kankam. With his wife, Adepa, thinking him to be a faithful man, will she have a shock if she later finds out that she is one of numerous women in his life? Trust us, this is not even the half of tangled webs of Party Office, which airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm. 🤩

Nana Akoto: Love and betrayal was everywhere we looked last month, and the strong emotions look set to continue. The political forces in Denkyera were too strong for Akoto, son of Kwaaman, to wrestle the woman of his dreams – Abrafi – from Prince Ntim. The prince has his way, marries Abrafi but struggles to get her love. In a desperate attempt to compel her to love him, Ntim forces himself on her. Still, she only has space in her heart for Akoto. 💕

And what about Mansa? The surprising news about her pregnancy jolts Ntim, who is playing a dangerous game with his visits to her in jail. Will Mansa finally come to realize that she is just an option for the prince? Catch Nana Akoto Mondays to Fridays at 8:00pm.  

Ahenfie: The newest chieftaincy drama on the block is coming along nicely, and Ahenfie wastes no time in reeling us in. While the elders of Akwamufie think that their enterprising young son, Kwaku Tabre, is feverishly preparing to take up the role of chieftain, his attention is constantly swayed by more feminine things. Samira, an ex-fiancee, pops back into his life and persuades him to attend a family gathering. Instead, they spend the night together, an action that keeps playing on his mind when he returns home to his wife. 🤯

Will Samira complicate things even more for Kwaku? Catch Ahenfie Fridays at 7:30pm. 

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