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Accra Stay By Plan


Accra Stay by Plan: the show that keeps on giving

29 November 2023
The stellar cast brought their best to this riveting show!
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If you're looking for a show that combines drama, comedy, romance and culture, look no further than Accra Stay by Plan, the hit series on Akwaaba Magic that has captivated audiences across Ghana and beyond.

The show follows the lives of people who share a compound house in Accra, Ghana’s capital city, as they navigate their careers, relationships and personal challenges. Along the way, they encounter hilarious situations, unexpected twists and heartwarming moments that keep us locked every time it airs.

By why does Accra Stay by Plan keep us so hooked?

A simple storyline

A rich homeowner, Daddy Joe, dies and leaves behind a seven-bedroom property. All his family members want a piece of it. From his death until the will is read, this show is about the shenanigans around this very easy-to-follow plot. Even where there are subplots, they are fleeting, leaving the audience to enjoy a light and unduly layered main story.

And, oh, it is hilarious! Just when you think to yourself that ‘these guys could not possibly deliver better punchlines’, someone pops out a zinger of a one-liner. Like when Wofa called a house meeting and referred to Sweet Titi as a ‘door-knocker’, in reference to her late-night trips into the bedrooms of multiple male tenants. Talk about a five-star trolling! See it again here.


What a cast!

On hindsight, maybe we should not be so shocked at the almost limitless laughter served every week. After all, look at the cast. Accra Stay by Plan is a meeting of some of the most popular actors from Accra and Kumasi, the two production hubs of Ghanaian cinema today.

Of note is that these actors are familiar on social media and engage very well with their online following. It all makes for an immersive experience for the viewer, doesn’t it? When you have Dr Likey, Kalybos, Jeffrey Nortey, Clemento Suarez, Benedicta Gafah, Okomfo Momo, Gloria Sarfo, Oboi Kissi all in one title, you know it will be good.

Each of the characters they play has their own flaws, strengths and quirks that make them easy to identify with and root for. Who are you rooting for?

Accra Stay by Plan fan favorite

Accra Stay by Plan: which character do you root for?

Sweet Titi15%

A typical compound house

If you have ever rented in a compound house in Ghana before, the occupants of Daddy Joe’s home will feel very familiar. What makes this situation even more chaotic is that the late landlord left behind some very entitled children. Joshua (played by Clemento), a mama’s boy who follows anything his friends say. Everyone around him can tell that his friends are only interested in leeching him, but he does not take a hint.

The second son, Julius (played by Jeffrey Nortey), is a prolific womanizer and profligate. Both he and Joshua are easy prey for Richman, a street smart guy who specialises in ‘fan fool respect’, the local slang for praise-singing.

Sweet Titi is a very millennial character: always broke and who will do anything to look good on social media. Her extravagant lifestyle means she is constantly looking for money, and does not mind bedding any of the male tenants willing to pay. Also, none of her close friends know she lives in a compound house. We all know someone like that, don’t we? 👀

In Ghana, someone called ‘Kwame Rasta’ comes with an image that this character on the show – with the same name – plays to perfection. He’s usually playing reggae music, professes to be conscious and claims to be enlightened by some spiritual awakening. Yet, he’s always broke, haggard and hustling.


Let’s talk about great dialogue!

Whether it’s Richman and Julius expressing themselves in Gen Z lingo, Wofa and Margaret Dadzie speaking in thick, traditional Akan, or Prophet Ezekiel praying in tongues like the typical Pentecostal church pastor, the dialogue is one of the show’s great selling points.

Sweet Titi will make you laugh with her affected English accent, and the authoritative air Ducile carries from being Daddy Joe’s mistress is clear from her dismissive tone. It is without doubt that the conversations on Accra Stay by Plan reveal the persona of the various characters so well, and we love that.

Accra Stay by Plan is a show that keeps on giving, and it is no surprise that viewers are impatient for the next episode every week.  

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