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Quiz: Which mum are you?

One thing we can all agree with is that Rama Robertson’s heart gets softened whenever it came to issues concerning her children and even while she may have failed at maintaining peace and order in the household, being a good mother to Michael and Mary Anne is something she tries to be. The over-protective and obsessive Maafio before her death was a terror to many but a perfect mother to Clinton – which explains why she could be plotting murder in one minute and making pancakes for her son the next minute. Of course, we have Felicity who will go through any length to give her children the best, even if it means visiting the village witch or tampering with Dede’s vision lol.

Have you ever wondered which kind of mum you are or would be? Maybe not! But as we celebrate our beautiful and amazing mothers, we decided to also appreciate our screen mothers on Akwaaba Magic and determine our mothering personality based on their characters. Let’s have fun, shall we?

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