Zoom into the Akwaaba Movie Marathon extravaganza!

02 March 2024
Enjoy some of the very best Ghanaian movie productions as we celebrate the month of independence.
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Who would have thought that the nugget of wisdom which says “the fewer, the merrier” does not always hold? Who wants to have fewer when there is so much Ghanaian movie awesomeness for you his month on Akwaaba Magic? Absolutely nobody!

Welcome to the Akwaaba Movie Marathon, when your favourite entertainment channel spoils you with absolutely stunning Ghanaian flicks from 2nd March all way to the 31st. From daring drama to total thrillers and humorous hilarity, here is a selection of what you cannot - and should not - miss.

99 Problems of Yellow
Saturday, 2 March

Two women in their prime delve into separate but intertwined quests for self-acceptance. As a model and new mother, one battles the unforgiving gaze of the media and her peers, striving to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body. The other grapples with self-image challenges, persistently measuring herself against the allure of her boyfriend's glamorous ex-wife.

Queen of Akra
Wednesday, 6 March

In order to gain control over the kingdom of Akra, King Obutu tasks his outcast daughter to infiltrate the enemy camp. But the princess decides to hang on to the power at all costs, when she succeeds in her mission. To prove herself, she must fight to the death. Only then can be claim to be a valiant princess worthy of an inheritance.

Love Notes
Saturday, 9 March

Samantha's story is one of self-discovery and the struggle to reconcile two seemingly conflicting parts of her life. On the one hand, she has a deep connection to her religious upbringing and her role as a pastor's daughter, which instils in her a sense of duty and responsibility to her family and community. On the other, she has a passion for music and performing that allows her to express herself in ways that she cannot do through her church life. How does she deal with this conflict?

Gina’s Date Night
Sunday, 10 March

A witty, life-affirming story of a middle-aged divorced writer who tries experimenting on love for an article. What starts out as just an assignment turns into something far more complicated.

Ornaments of Dreams
Saturday, 16 March

Nana, an orphan girl, found refuge with a family after her uncle’s passing. She learned jewelry-making, the family’s sole business. Unbeknownst to Akwesi and his sister Akua, an embroidered design on a white cloth holds the secret to their wealth and that of the entire community. Nana’s journey takes her from riches to ruin, but ultimately, she returns the design, integrating back into the family and sharing its power with Akwesi and Akua.

Sunday, 17 March

Amanfi is a great, mysterious warrior. Tired of all the wars and battle, he retires in a cave near a village to settle and build a life for himself. However, he faces resistance from the village folk because of a mental condition. Then comes Yaa, whose curiousity leads to love and restoration.

Me Kunu
Saturday, 23 March

A deceased wife returns to her husband as a house-maid in order to attend to his needs.

The Baecation
Sunday, 24 March

Four friends set out on a carefree bachelor vacation at a tropical resort for fun, but their escapade takes an unforeseen twist when the enchanting Ohemaa arrives. As they vie for her affections, Edem, the group's funniest and shyest member, learns that love can't be scripted. Amidst the pursuit of Ohemaa, the resort unveils a mysterious task, challenging their understanding of true connection.

Guess Who?
Saturday, 30 March

Four friends give different accounts on the alleged murder of their mutual friend. What is the truth? And who is responsible?

Finding Daisy
Sunday, 31 March

A mother goes all lengths to find her kidnapped daughter, even if it means teaming up with the child’s estranged father.


The Akwaaba Movie Marathon looks enticing, doesn’t it? Even we are struggling to choose among these exciting narratives! Which is why we are making a date for all of them, and we highly recommend you do too.

Do not miss this festival of movies for all the waakye in the world! Catch them on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv channel 102. Reconnect now to enjoy the best of Ghanaian entertainment on #MyDStv or #MyGOtv and stream your favourite shows on the DStv Stream app or GOtv Stream app. Stay glued to all our social platforms for more updates.