Which Akwaaba Magic villain faced the most fitting consequence?

30 April 2023
Villains are an essential part of any good drama series, but what we love even more is when these villains get what they deserve in the end.
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From the conniving Belinda in Dede to the ruthless Dr. Mohammed in Accra Medic, these villains had us on the edge of our seats with their wicked deeds. However as the stories progressed, we waited with bated breath to see if justice would be served, and if these evildoers would finally get what they deserved.

Join us as we relive the moments when Belinda's secrets were exposed, when Dr. Mohammed faced the consequences of his actions, when Naa's lies were finally uncovered, and when Mansa's murderous and malicious ways caught up with her. 👀

Belinda's downfall came after she killed Ziggy, and her past misdeeds caught up with her. She ended up in prison, where David visited her and taunted her with all of her secrets. For many, this was a satisfying end to the greatest villain on Dede. But was it enough?

Dr Mohammed's downfall was a long time coming. After almost causing Nurse Efe's death and removing their baby without her knowledge, Efe sought revenge by targeting his career and eventually his family. Dr Mohammed's wife shot him in a fit of hurt and anger, leaving viewers wondering if he survived or if this was a fitting end to his shenanigans on Accra Medic.

Naa's schemes to break up Nii and Adwoa ultimately failed, and they ended up getting married. The other Robertson maids had had enough of her lies and schemes, and they left her blinded, both literally and figuratively.

Even the beautiful Alison who plays the role of Naa knows how pretty the character would have looked in prison uniforms. 😂

Mansa's actions led to Yolanda's death, and MaryAnn's bravery put Mansa and her mother in handcuffs. Thanks to a recording of Mansa admitting to the crime, justice was served.

Let's explore the most deserving endings for some of your (not so) favorite villains.

Which villain had the most deserving ending for you? Did justice prevail, or were you left wanting more?