Thrills and chills keeping us glued to Akwaaba Magic Abusua

27 July 2023
Your favourite shows take unexpected turns this month.
Akwaaba Magic Abusua, shows on Akwaaba Magic Abusua

It's been an exhilarating month with your beloved shows and characters. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns!

Let's begin with the rising star making waves in Ghana's music scene

Introducing the rising star, Alhassan, affectionately known as "Al-mighty." We can't hide our excitement as we eagerly await the release of his latest song! With lyrics like "Baby girl, I say what's up, you dey burst my mind o," he has won hearts in recent episodes of RSM, making a name for himself in Ghana's music scene. All hail Al-mighty, the newest sensation on the block, riding the waves of success, who's also in love with his grandfather's wife-to-be!
Oops! We spilled the tea...

From pleasing clients to heartfelt emotions

Now, let's shift our focus to Naa Sika, a lady with an unexpected journey of love. She once did whatever it took to please her clients in bed, but now finds herself deeply enamored with a man she's apprehensive about being in a relationship with. Naa's heartwarming transformation has captivated us, but it's disheartening to witness her inability to be with Bediako, Tracie's son. Tracie, Naa's boss, clearly opposes their romance, and to complicate matters further, Bediako appears to have moved on, thanks to Naa's own matchmaking efforts during their date. Awkward, indeed!

Amidst the tangled emotions, we ponder, is love the most valuable currency?

Dede's entanglement

Now, we delve into the intricacies of the world's most complicated love web. Leslie, initially Osa's lawyer in a land dispute with the Robertsons, finds himself entangled in unexpected emotions. What started with short kisses quickly escalates into deeper, intimate moments with Dede. #LeDe shippers, fans of Leslie and Dede's potential romance, celebrate this fresh connection and encourage Dede to explore new possibilities away from her previous relationship with Michael.

Just when we think Dede might finally move on, a shocking revelation surfaces. Michael admits to getting together with Mansa out of spite for Dede leaving him. This revelation throws them back into each other's arms, reigniting their intense feelings for one another. "I miss you" hugs evolve into passionate kisses and more, culminating in a complex love square.

With Michael now officially married to Mansa, but still harboring feelings for Dede, and Leslie expressing his love for her, Dede's heart is caught amidst a whirlwind of emotions.

Stay tuned to unravel more twists and turns on your favourite shows next month on Akwaaba Magic Abusua.