Most intense TV moments – #BestOf2022

09 December 2022
Just thinking about all the times Belinda schemed her way through 2022 on Dede sends tingling shocks down our spine.
Best of 2022, Akwaaba Magic

Our favourite TV shows on Akwaaba Magic never fail to deliver surprising moments and, as always, found a way to make us scream, yell, and cry with the many pulse-pumping moments dished out this year. Dr Efe being thrown down the stairs by her lover, Dr Mohammed, in Accra Medic; Dede falling pregnant with Michael’s baby, and don’t even get us started on all the times Tony found his way into deeper pits of trouble in every episode of Dirty Laundry.

We asked you to vote for the most dramatic moment that made your jaw hit the floor and below, we've rounded up those Akwaaba Magic TV moments we haven't stopped thinking about this year.

A ship we never saw coming – To Have and To Hold

In season one, Kudjoe and Akosua seemed like a couple made in TV heaven as we enjoyed every intimate scene between them ... until Akosua single-handedly ruined every what-could-have-been moment and reconnected with her ex-husband, Sam.

Now the love story we didn’t see coming was Kamaria and Kudjoe. Apart from the first letters of their names starting with ‘K’, and Kamaria being Kudjoe’s boss, nothing else brought these two together; until Cupid came shooting arrows their way and shocked us with the cutest love story on To Have and To Hold’s season finale.

We may not have seen the Kamaria and Kudjoe ship building, and definitely didn’t see the spontaneous marriage coming, but we can’t deny that what started as a shocking relationship turned out to be one of the sweetest ones to grace your screens.

The biggest TV scandal – Dede

Dede falling pregnant with Michael’s baby might have been what MiDe shippers wished for in the beginning, but the pregnancy was the most scandalous news that aired on Akwaaba Magic this year.

How did Dede get herself into this tangled web – from a secret love affair with Michael, her married ex-boyfriend, and now having a Robertson baby at the same time Mansa and Michael’s surrogate is pregnant with their baby? This brings us to another suspense-filled question, is Yolanda truly pregnant or is there only one true Robertson bun in the oven?

While Patrick is still playing the perfect partner, we can’t help but wonder if Dede will be revealing the identity of her baby daddy soon, especially since the baby in her womb keeps jumping for joy every time Michael is in the same room with Dede. Poor Michael, he has no idea what’s cooking.

Is Nurse Efe dead? – Accra Medic

Nurse Efe took it far with her “get rich or die hard trying” motto and has probably lost her life in the process. Her relationship with Dr Mohammed started on a bed of roses as she got everything that gave her the soft life from him – the car, apartment, and of course, the baby girl lifestyle – to the envy of her colleagues.

Things took a huge turn when she revealed her pregnancy to the married Dr Mohammed. He didn’t take it well and broke into a heated argument with her, causing an accident that sent Efe down the stairs in her own pool of blood.

Was it really an accident or could his raging emotions have caused him to push her in order to get rid of the baby? Did Nurse Efe survive the bloody fall? So many questions are left unanswered as we all wait on the edge of our seats for the next season.

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