A family torn apart by royal ambition - Eda Wanim

12 June 2024
A mother turns two brothers against each other with her decision to favour one over the other in the matter of succession.
Tieku fights his brother over land issues – Eda Wanim Image : 907

New series on the block, Eda Wanim, has got many TV show lovers stuck to their seats with anticipation as the suspense and drama form like a volcano about to erupt!

The series which follows the story of Maame Akyiaa and her sons, captures the very crust of Ghanaian culture and hits close to home when it comes to life and living it. 

Maame Akyiaa is a mother of two sons but like some mothers, favours one over the other and is bent on using both fair and foul means to get him to ascend the throne.

Tieku, the favoured son, is riding on the support of his mother and is terrorizing his family especially, throwing his brother under the bus at the least chance. 

Asare, the other son, does not have the strength to fight back - or rather - is a firm believer of the “live and let live” mantra and therefore would want to talk things over rather than fight.

Despite throwing her weight behind her beloved son, Maame Akyiaa however has a huge problem which can undo all her ‘bias’ against Asare, and Tieku is still at the center of it all.

For Tieku to be fully qualified to ascend the throne, he needs to produce children - especially a son, something he is still grappling with, which infuriates his mother to the core.

At the least provocation, Maame Akyiaa visits her frustration on Tieku’s wife, Frema, and mounts pressure on her to take seed as soon as possible to better her son’s chances of becoming the next chief.

The frustration drives Maame Akyiaa to look for another wife for her son and it points her in the direction of Krontihene’s only daughter, Amonu, who is already dating Amankwaa. The love web that ensues is crazy and sparks more enmity in the village. 

Tieku, however, is not buying the idea of getting another wife and tries all he can to ensure that Frema remains his only wife, but would Maame Akyiaa have the patience to wait for that appointed time?

As time keeps running out and Frema becomes more agitated by the tag of barrenness and constant embarrassment from Maame Akyiaa, Tieku is left with no choice but to get his mother to look with favour upon Frema and cut her some slack.

What Tieku does not know is that the throne is swinging the way of his brother - something Maame Akyiaa would not have unless she is dead…literally.

As the tension rises, Maame Akyiaa starts making plans for a new wife for her son and even goes ahead to pay a ‘bribe’ to Krontihene to fast-track the ‘second wife’ process.

She does not, however, know that Tieku is the cause of his own childlessness; a secret he has been jealously guarding with his life. Will he be exposed? Will his mother’s frustrations see him taking on a new wife? Will Frema bow to the pressure and accept her fate?

Many questions are running through the minds of fans of the exciting series and they are yearning for answers as the series progresses. 

The race for the throne is on! Would Asare silently emerge triumphant or will Tieku bamboozle his way into kingship with his mother’s backing?

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