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Meet your Idols – Nigerian Idol

20 May 2024
We started with a crowd, now we have the cream of the crop!
Nigerian Idol S9

The Nigerian Idol Season 9 stage has been a burst of emotions. We began with a sea of hopefuls, each with a voice and a dream. Through weeks of intense auditions, the judges have sifted through the pack, searching for that perfect blend of raw talent and great stage presence.

But the journey isn't over yet. This season delivered a plot twist – just one final spot remaining and Japh Kenti and Lammy need your votes to secure that spot. 

As for the remaining nine contestants, they are about to embark on a grueling new phase. One filled with carefully chosen songs, live performances, and the challenge of stepping outside the comfort zones of their vocals. Nerves will be tested, weakenesses exposed, and above all, Nigerians will get the final say in who will become the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 9.

Enough talk 😁. Let's meet the ten incredible vocalists whose dreams are about to take flight!

Chima grabbed the final platinum ticket during the auditions and became the only platinum ticket winner to make the top ten list. 

Meet Chima

Her late mother's firm belief in her musical dreams has brought her this far and she's here to prove that the support is worth it.

Meet Chioma

David Garland
David Garland has been here before but this time, he's made it into the elite circle with intentions to take the crown.

Meet David Garland

Gracia has always found strength in the healing powers of music. This is her firt time auditioning on the show and she made it into the top ten.

Meet Gracia

Jennifer Igomu
Jennifer is an entrepreneur who uses music as an escape. Her strong vocals and raw emotions has led her into the final top ten.

Meet Jennifer Igomu

Lady Ruth
Lady Ruth wears many hats. Club promoter, tech sis and chef. Her dream of making it to the Nigerian Idol stage has been fulfilled.

Meet Lady Ruth

Maio experienced a set back last season when he didn't make it past the top 29. This time, he has proved himself and made it past theatre week.

Meet Maio

Mira Clear 
Mira Clear wants to share her voice with the world. What better place to start than on the stage of Nigerian Idol!

Meet Mira Clear

Music's pull was so strong for Stevie that he had to resign from his career as a teacher to answer the call of music.

Meet Stevie

Vying for the last spot in the top ten, we have:

Japh Kenti
Japh Kenti sings not only for himself, but for his dreams and Nigerian Idol is his starting point.

An electrical engineer with a fierce passion for music. Lammy is here to prove that he can achieve his musical dreams.

Watch Japh Kenti and Lammy compete for the top ten

Now that you've met your Idols, what will they bring next? Stay tuned to find out in the coming weeks!

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