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Big Brother Naija All Strikes! – BBNaija

03 October 2023
Here is the vawulence that Biggie did not tolerate this season.
Strikes of the season2

The BBNaija All Stars edition has been a rollercoaster of emotions, conflicts and wahala, with housemates facing the consequences for their actions. Let us take a walk back to some of the shocking altercations that led to the much-talked-about strikes which Biggie dished out to a few All Stars who had pushed their luck.

Ilebaye's double strike for physical violence

All Stars winner and resident Gen Z baddie Ilebaye found herself in hot water after laying her hands on fellow housemates Ceec and Doyin.

This act resulted in Ilebaye receiving a double strike. The house dynamics became increasingly volatile for her going forward as she walked on eggshells as one more strike would have meant her eventual disqualification, but even with two strikes, she still managed to be crowned the brightest star! 

Watch Ilebaye receive a double strike:

Ike's clash over Ilebaye's clothes

With two strikes to her name, Ilebaye faced her biggest test when her clothes were scattered all over the bathroom after one of the pool and grill parties, setting the house on edge.

Ike, Pere, Cross, Seyi and Kiddwaya were seen sharing ill-intentioned words about 'Baye in a video clip. Ike, who initially denied any involvement in the incident, took matters into his own hands by ransacking Ilebaye's locker in front of Seyi and Venita. In response to this unruly behaviour, Big Brother issued Ike his first strike. The incident was a stark reminder that housemates must adhere to the rules and respect each other's belongings while they were in Biggie's house

Soma's ship strike 

Soma's strike stemmed from an incident of harassment directed towards his baby, Angel. In a video clip played by Big Brother, Soma's actions were brought to light, prompting the issuance of a strike. This incident served as a stark reminder that any form of harassment or inappropriate behaviour within the house would not be tolerated, emphasising the importance of maintaining a respectful and harmonious environment among the All Stars.

Watch Ike and Soma get strikes: 

Pere's violent outburst

Big Brother takes violence and property damage seriously, and Pere found himself in trouble after a heated argument with Doyin that escalated and resulted in him punching a hole in the wall of Biggie's house. Pere was found guilty of violating the house rule on violence and damaging Big Brother's property, leading to the issuance of a strike. This incident followed Pere's earlier punishment of being in onesie jail with Neoenergy for whispering.

Doyin's provocative behaviour

Doyin also faced consequences for her role in the altercation with Pere. Big Brother held her accountable for goading Pere, which contributed to his violent outburst. Doyin's strike served as a reminder that instigating or provoking conflicts within the house would not go unpunished.

Watch Adenita, Doyin and Pere receive strikes: 

Adekunle and Venita's recording infringement

Adekunle and Venita received strikes for their actions related to Big Brother's technical recording equipment. The lovebirds were charged with obstructing camera and microphone recording, which led to the issuance of one strike each.

Mercy Eke's mic rule violation

Despite previous warnings and punishments, Mercy Eke repeatedly violated house rules related to her microphone usage. Her continuous defiance resulted in her being issued a strike, which made it the first official strike against her during her stay in the Big Brother house.

Watch Mercy Eke's strike:

Alex's provocation and Pere's recklessness

After one Saturday night rave, an altercation over bed spaces erupted between Alex and Pere. Pere's decision to physically remove the mattress from under Alex's bed was deemed reckless and potentially dangerous, resulting in his second strike in the house.

Alex also faced consequences for her actions. She was found guilty of provocation due to her forceful act of pulling the duvet off Pere. This aggressive behaviour was deemed unnecessary, leading to Alex receiving a strike as well.

Watch Alex and Pere receive strikes

As always, cases involving physical violence, provocation and violation of technical rules were taken seriously by Big Brother in the All Stars season. Even in a game, human nature always wins sometimes, but like they say, "violence begets violence." For Biggie, strikes are the perfect response to these acts. 

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