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AMVCA Nominated shows to stream on Showmax!

27 March 2022
With AMVCA nominations out, we have handpicked some of the shows that you can catch on Showmax.
AMVCA shows on Showmax_v2


Nominated in the Best Indigenous Language: Yoruba category, Balokun is directed by Olamide Akinmolayan. The movie follows the story of a young lady who crosses paths with an Osun priestess during her wedding preparations. The priestess told her about an entanglement she has with spiritual husband. Stream the movie here.

Black Dollar

Up for the Best Movie: Southern Africa award, Black Dollar focuses on young man who pulls a scam to con a local politician of a large sum of money, but he gets caught! David Kazadi directs this masterpiece, you can stream it here.

Maria Kristu

Competing with Black Dollar for the Best Movie Southern Africa, Maria Kristu is produced by Paul S. Willo and is based on a young woman who goes against her mom’s beliefs and that of the church’s as means to find her place the world. She also strives to create a better world for other young women. Stream it here.

Oko K3 Akueteh

Oko K3 Akueteh follows a distraught young man after the loss of his twin brother. The movie is Nominated under The Multichoice Talent Factory Category. Stream it on Showmax.


Also in the running for The Multichoice Talent Factory Award is Engaito. The movie follows a young boy who attends a remote school and challenges the teacher’s way of thinking. Watch it here.


A young boy thinking he’s smarter than everyone in his village including the elders, has to learn the difference between being smart and wise. Nyau is Nominated in the Multichoice Talent Factory category, watch it here.


A drama series all about scandals, secrets, lies, vengeance and betrayal. Venge is Nominated for Best Africa Magic Original Drama Series. Binge on previous episodes here.

Movement Japa

Hit series Movement Japa, nominated for Best Africa Magic Original Drama Series, follows lead character Shina’s daily hustle in the city of Lagos. He’s taken on a dark path and forced to come face-to-face with his past. Watch is here.


Fate leads two estranged lovers full circle after separation leaves them with a dilemma that bears consequences of a long-forgotten past. Click to stream Dilemma.


Three bff’s strive to survive the dynamics of friendship, career challenges and relationships. Stream Unmarried now.


A wicked King. A village under siege. Strata. Class. And an Uprising. Rebellion looms as King Ofotokun does all he can to stop a dark prophesy from getting fulfilled; that a child born under the rising of the dark moon will take his life, but destiny is against him as Tsema and Aghan, two children born under the dark moon, cross a complicated path on their way to fulfil the prophesy foretold. Binge missed episodes here.


Enakhe is a drama series that focuses on the story of a daughter that has to take the reins from her departed father and continue the family legacy. Watch Enakhe here.

The Rishantes

A thrilling Nigerian drama about power, wealth, lies and family. Years after the explosive events surrounding the Zamani family and Lufu Group, three Rishantes seem to be thriving, but nothing is as it seems. Stream on Showmax

The Johnsons

An average Nigerian family features in this sitcom. Efetobore Johnson, a normal 15-year-old boy, struggles like every kid his age with the challenges of being a teenager and on top of all that, Efe has one other challenge that is completely unique to him – he’s only two feet tall! Stream The Johnsons today.

My Flatmates

Four friends share an apartment and muddle their way through their chaotic lives. Stream My Flatmates now.

My Siblings and I

The Aberuagba family is seen through the eyes of the youngest sibling, Angela, in this series that explores the ups and downs of family life. Stream it here.

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