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Happy ending for our favourite trio – Unmarried

08 April 2023
The ladies of Unmarried went through some really tough times, but they finally got their happy endings.
Happy finale ending unmarried

After years of facing tough challenges and experiencing personal growth, the ladies of Unmarried finally reached the end of their journey with triumphant happy endings. Nengi, Kamsi, and Funbi had to overcome significant obstacles to achieve their dreams, and their perseverance paid off in the most fulfilling way.

Finding love
Nengi's quest for love was a wild ride, full of unexpected twists and turns. First, she called off her wedding and watched her love life go down in flames. But just when we thought it was a wrap on finding love this season, we saw Nengi falling for her sister's best friend's boyfriend - yeah, you heard that right! At first, everyone was like, "What the heck, Nengi?" but soon enough, it was clear that Nengi and Ilo were meant to be together. They had a few bumps along the way, especially with Ilo's rocky relationship with Lola, but in the end, they proved that love can conquer all.

Overcoming an abuser
Funbi had a tough ride, we were really worried when she went back to her abusive ex, Ali. It seemed like she was going to get stuck with him for good, but she didn't give up. Her girls rallied around her, and they gave Ali a taste of his own medicine before they handed him over to the cops. After that, Funbi's fashion biz with her bestie, Joe, took off like a rocket! Her talent and strength shone through and everyone was talking about it. You go, girl! You made it big without needing a man (well, except Joe!).

Saving a soul
So, Kamsi and Lotanna's marriage fell apart and things got pretty messy. Custody battles, attempts at getting back together, and lots of fighting. One big issue was Lotanna's drinking problem. Even when Kamsi was ready to move on, she couldn't help but get sucked back in by his addiction. His new girlfriend even had to ask for Kamsi's help. People were wondering why Kamsi was still trying to save Lotanna when he didn't seem to care about saving himself. But, it's tough to watch the father of your kids self-destruct, even if you're not together anymore. And just when Kamsi thought she was finally done with Lotanna, he had a heart attack. Luckily, Kamsi was there to save him and show him the error of his ways.

Watch the finale 

It's so heartwarming to see the ladies of Unmarried finally find the happiness they've been searching for. It wasn't easy, but their hard work and determination paid off. They found love in unexpected places, built successful businesses, and most importantly, supported and saved each other. It's such a fulfilling way to end the season, and we can't wait to see what's in store for our favorite trio in the future. Here's to more good news, wherever they are and whoever they're with! In case you missed episodes of Unmarried, you can catch up on the DStv Now app here