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Sp's blackmail attempt – The Johnsons

31 August 2023
SP's sales journey takes a turn for the worse as he resorts to blackmail.
Sp's blackmail attempt – The Johnsons

SP, notorious for his tough demeanor, has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. When he landed a job at Abulu's restaurant, little did anyone know he had a hidden talent for boosting sales. With SP's magic touch, Abulu's restaurant experienced a sales quadruple that left everyone amazed. But keeping secrets isn't the only thing on SP's menu, as his journey takes an unexpected twist. Abulu wasn't exactly losing sleep over SP's sales secret – let's be real – he was just happy that his restaurant was finally bouncing back from that whole Abinchi foods debacle.

The upgrade
Abulu was so impressed by SP's sales prowess that he decided to make him a full-time member of the team. Talk about a promotion that packs a punch! Abulu was over the moon, and he couldn't wait to share the good news with Deputy. But little did he know, Deputy was about to kick off a series of events that would leave him in hot soup.

Deputy's "genius" move
Deputy, oh Deputy! He had a "brilliant" idea. He whispered in Abulu's ear, suggesting that he ask for a raise for SP. Smooth move, right? Well, not so much. SP took Deputy's suggestion and turned it into a full-blown telenovela, complete with drama and a side of blackmail. Classic SP! He threatened to walk out unless he got that raise. Blackmail, much? Abulu didn't flinch – he called SP's bluff faster than you can say "jollof rice" and showed him the door.

The restaurant's meltdown and scheming staff
With SP out of the picture, the restaurant turned into a ghost town faster than a disappearing Snapchat message. Customers vanished, and even the staff who had secretly rolled their eyes at SP found themselves missing his magic touch. They began praying for his return like they were hoping for extra chicken at a party. They even went as far as trying to convince Abulu to take him back.

Abulu's stubborn stand
Abulu wasn't the one to back down. He wasn't about to let blackmail dictate the terms. Instead, he cooked up his own recipe for success. He roped in none other than Deputy (yes, the same Deputy) to uncover SP's sales secret. Smart move, Abulu – who knew Deputy could be more than just comic relief?

The comeback and the sting
Believe it or not, Deputy actually pulled through. On some days, he's not just the class clown, it seems. He dug out SP's secret recipe and served it right up to Abulu. Suddenly, the sales started rolling in. Guess who made a grand entrance to beg for his job back? Yep, SP!

The prodigal son
SP returned like a prodigal son, only to find Abulu's restaurant booming without him. He made a desperate plea to get his job back, but Abulu, though, wasn't about to let things slide. He served SP a lesson in a way that was sassier than a clapback tweet. Abulu chopped SP's salary by a solid 25%. Ouch!

More drama with SP

Now, here's the thing – we've got a gut feeling that SP isn't the type to let things slide. Call it a hunch, but we're betting he's brewing up his own plan, like a pot of party jollof rice with all the extra ingredients. Want to know what happens next? Well, you'll just have to tune in to The Johnsons at 19:00 WAT every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151.