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Here’s why we love The Johnsons!

16 March 2021
From Oga Lucky all the way down to pikin Happiness, these are the reasons why we adore The Johnsons.
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Reasons to love Lucky Johnson  

Lucky is a man with a plan and the Naira to back it up. If he’s not financing Efe’s extra textbooks so he retains his top spot in class, or dashing Spiff money to try and make some more money, then he’s heading family meetings and fending off Mr Deputy’s twisted diplomacy and quicky money-making schemes. If you need someone level-headed to get you out of a sticky situation, then look no further because Lucky is your man!

Reasons to love mommy Emu

Mommy Emu is the backbone, neck and right hand of the Johnsons. She’s the yin to Lucky’s yang, second general-in-command (some would say first 😂) and the punisher when the need arises. No one – and we mean absolutely no one navigates pidgin as she does, and anyone that comes close is probably a linguistics Professor at the University of Lagos. Is there someone who owes you and refuses to pay? Mommy Emu is the person to help get you your Naira back, periodt!

Reasons to love Efe

If ‘brains’ were a person, Efe would be it. Firstborn of the clan and esteemed “man of the books”, Efe will pour his wrath on anyone that claims to be smarter than him. So if you have an assignment that is due and have no idea where to start, Efe is the man to call. In fact, give him your entire course work while you’re at. We’ll meet you at your grad venue for our commission biko!

Reasons to love Jennifer

Though she refuses to give  up her ‘daddy’s little girl’ title, Jennifer is as witty as they come. She’s almost always looking into new business ventures and is all about proving that she can run Goodluck’s transport company as successfully, if not better than Goodluck does. We love Jennifer’s business acumen and how determined she is to afford herself the ‘soft life’. So if you’re looking for someone with the brains to make you more than a little Naira, look no further!

Reasons to Love Tari

Man of the fabric, sewing machine maniac and designer extraordinaire; that’s Tari! Tari may not always be the man with the plan, but his vision makes up for the shortfall. We love that he makes his own clothes and sees his name in shining lights. So if you love looking good as much as we do, then you will love Tari!

Reasons to love Spiff

Spiff if the epitome of loyal (only if daddy isn’t the one making the bust) and will stick with you till everything comes together. Whether you’re trying to make an extra buck, or are hiding a secret, Spiff’s your soldier. We absolutely❤️  his sense of humour and we’re certain you do too!

Reasons to love Happiness

Remember that one time Happiness bribed Wakanaki with a simple bag of chips and got her way? Yup! Baby girl is wise way beyond her years. In fact, if we put you (yes, you) in a room with her, you’d come out fresh out of your Naira. Happiness is smart ­– and we’re here for it!

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