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Five times Happiness played her cards right – The Johnsons

12 August 2021
Happiness isn’t an average tween, eh. Here are five reasons why.
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Taking a bribe

After pocketing some change from a business deal he cut with one counsellor, Abulu came home and offered his bros a slice of the cake, but thanks to Happiness’ presence, Spiff refused the money and made it clear that he didn’t condone yahoo-yahoo behaviour. Needless to say, Spiff quickly collected the money when Happiness left the room. Pikin don turn Spiff into a two-second saint! 😂

Speak healthily, eat healthily

Let ye that get ears use am o! Spiff had been preaching healthy eating throughout the day, so when Happiness heard, she took it upon herself to help him align by asking Noma to help her prepare a vegetable-only meal. To say bros wasn’t impressed would be a complete understatement because wow! 😂 Did he not accuse Happiness of trying to kill him with the greens?! Na lie he lied o!

Deputy no sabi history

Happiness took the compound’s ‘most learned’ to school when she demanded information about the history of their village. When Oga Deputy excused his lack of knowledge about the contents of his pikin’s assignment with extensive knowledge about Britain and the Americas, baby girl clapped back with a “why do you know the history of America but not of your own village?” and like us, Oga was taken aback. Give this pikin dealcoholized palm wine, sha! 🙃

Bribing Wakanaki   

After a school pick up, Noma asked Wakanaki to watch Happiness while she collected something from the room, and judging by her demeanour, baby girl don give trouble o. So, while the ‘watching’ happened, Happiness bribed bros with a packet of cheese snacks and demanded to be carried to her friend’s house. A bargain if you ask us. Abeg, dash her another glass! 🥳

We wanna be big girls!

Forming aside eh, we all love good gist. But unfortunately for Happiness and Zara, their ears were deemed too innocent to carry big gist. So, when the two overheard Noma and Fatima having a laugh about a guy, their curiosity got the better of them and they began to ask questions. These were of course met with rejection, and they were told to watch cartoons for some laughter. Oya, the two girls came back into the room spotting make-up, shades and ‘big girl’ attitudes, ready to gist with their new mates. It was the attitude for us o. Big attitude.

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