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Nine-year-old Jasmine Olarotimi’s whole 9 yards!

03 February 2021
Get to know sensational child star Jasmine Olarotimi better.
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You know you’re African when you address your favourite TV personalities by their character names instead of the names their parents gave them. It wouldn’t come as a surprise then if you told us the name Jasmine Olarotimi doesn’t ring a bell. So, allow us to re-introduce you to one of Nollywood’s most talented child actors.

Best known for her role as the witty Happiness on The Johnsons, and most recently as sharp-mouthed Shema on Riona, Jasmine follows in the footsteps of peers such as AMVCA nominated Mariane Kayode, amongst others. And we’re happy to report that the shoe fits.

Having made appearances in quite a number of Nollywood productions including The Warehouse Movie, Jasmine’s ability to wear a character and make it fit like a glove is remarkable, considering her age. For this, we declare this wunderkid one to absolutely watch.

Jasmine has only just turned 9 years old, but her resume is as impressive as those of her seniors, and looking through her mama-run Instagram page, one can immediately tell that baby girl has never been camera shy. Her very first images show her strutting her stuff and reminding all the natural kiddos out there that their hair is indeed their crown.

What a queen! Catch Jasmine in action as Happiness every weekday at 19:00 on Showcase sitcom, The Johnsons and on Riona at 20:00.
Cover image: Jasmine's IG

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