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Team Vibes first win on Overall Best Celebrity Showdown

27 March 2024
VJ Adams and Aproko Doc bring home the win for Team Vibes on this episode of Overall Best Celebrity Showdown!
Team Vibes first win on Overall Best Celebrity Showdown

After four thrilling weeks of competition, Team Vibes' power duo, VJ Adams and Aproko Doc, finally secured their first victory on Overall Best Celebrity Showdown. This episode saw them step outside their comfort zone and showcase their diverse skills on the field.

Watch Team Vibes coast to victory

Stepping away from the stage and onto the track
This week's challenge took the teams far from their usual stage performances.  They donned hilarious clown suits and raced each other while carefully balancing eggs – a test of both speed and coordination. Team Sizzle dominated this round, leaving viewers in stitches with their laughter throughout the race.

Taking a Dip (and bursting balloons!)
The competition got wet and wild in the next round. The teams faced off in a swimming challenge, but with a twist – they had to burst balloons before reaching the finish line.  While some team members found themselves out of their depth (literally!), the lighthearted atmosphere ensured it was all fun and games. Team Litty rose to the occasion, seizing victory in this round.

Back to basics: A goal-oriented round
The final round brought the teams back to the familiar territory of the studio but with a unique twist.  Blindfolded, they had to score goals by kicking soccer balls – relying solely on the precise instructions of their teammates guiding them.  Team Vibes showcased their teamwork and communication skills, confidently bagging the most goals in this round.

Team Vibes takes the crown (for now!)
With their stellar performance across all challenges, Team Vibes emerged victorious in this episode, finally securing their first win on Overall Best Celebrity Showdown. They finished with a total of 35 points, edging out their competitors. But the question remains: can they maintain their winning streak? Only time will tell. Tune in every Saturday at 7 pm to witness the hilarious banter and preparation, and catch the main showdown every Sunday at 7 pm on #AMFamily, #AMUrban, and #AMShowcase!