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22 May 2023
Last night Simi, D’banj, and Obi Asika did the ultimate job of selecting the best for the Live Show
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After a long line of Auditions and a gruelling Theatre Week, the Nigerian Ido Season 8 Top 10 have emerged.
Simi. D’banj, and Obi Asika did a tough job of selecting the Top 10 after listening to the performance of 29 Contenders who made it to the last round of Theatre Week. After their performances,

Savy Henry was the first Contender to find out if the Judges were pleased with his performance of ‘Para’ by Davido. When he got in, the Judges commented on his performance and how they were pleased with it. This was especially important to Savy Henry who was cut off from Nigerian Idol last Season at the last round of Theatre Week, Fortunately, Savvy Henry did not face the same fate as last Season because he got a smooth pass into the Top 10 for the Season.

Savy Henry: 'Para' by Davido

Next to know their fate was Constance who performed ‘Positions’ by Ariana Grande in order to get a pass to the Live Show. Fortunately for Constance, all the Judges loved her performance and this got her a spot in the Top 10. 

Constance: 'Positions' by Ariana Grande

Not long after the episode started we had the first casualty of the night. It was Arite whose energetic performance did not please the Judges well enough to get a spot in the Top 10. Arite’s rejection opened the floodgate for rejections as Sapphire Whinnas, Amaka, and Akinwande all fell out of the show right at the doorstep of the Live Shows.
Then came the moment for Precious Mac to find out if, like her sisters Naomi Mac and Faith Mac, she will be stepping onto the Nigerian Idol live stage. Her performance of ‘Ayo’ by Simi, fortunately granted her the chance to snag a spot in the Top 10.

Precious Mac: 'Ayo' by Simi

After Precious Mac, another Contender who tried to keep her family name in the game was Mina, whose twin Mura had been cut off during one of the rounds of Theatre Week. His performance of ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ by Mario Winans was, unfortunately, not strong enough to get him to Top 10. 

Next to get sad news from the Judges was Eloehi whose performance of ‘Fantasy’ by Niniola did not sound too convincing to the Judges. Her duet partner, Victory, did not suffer the same fate as her because the Judges were super amazed at his performance of ‘No Shaking’ by 2Baba.

Victory: 'No Shaking' by 2Baba

A slew of ‘Nos’ came up again as Daniel, Sir Danny, and Soultunes all had their dreams of being on the Live Show dashed by the Judges who were not impressed by their performances. Then came the time for Ose Daniel to know his fate. Fortunately for him, his performance of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ by Adekunle Gold was highly rated by the Judges who then gave him the good news of his spot in the Top 10.

Ose Daniel: 'Catch Me If You Can' by Adekunle Gold

Goodness came up next on the block but instead of being chopped off, she received the good news that she will be moving on to the Live Show due to the positive feedback from the Judges about her final Theatre Week performance of ‘It’s About Damn Time’ by Lizzo. 

Goodness: ‘It’s About Damn Time' by Lizzo

The good news continued as Abraham also snagged a spot in the Top 10 because the Judges all agreed he has had a good run so far and his performance of ‘Under The Influence’ by Chris Brown was also commended. Reigny also came up on the string of those who snagged a spot in the Top 10 as her performance of ‘Karma’ by Summer Walker received positive reviews from the Judges. 

Reigny: ‘Karma’ by Summer Walker

The good news took a slight pause as Busayo failed to get a spot in the Top 10 after her performance of ‘One’ by Tiwa Savage didn’t get the response she would have wanted from the Judges. Her rejection soon paced the way to a happy moment when Quest was informed of her place amongst the Top 10 for Season 8. Her performance of ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus was accepted with full arms by the Judges and dubbed one of her best performances.

Quest: 'Flowers' by Miley Cyrus

Then it came down to two Contenders Chisom and Smartlily. Who was going to fill in the last spot in the top 10? The two had to find out together as they were both ushered into the Judges' arena to find out their fate. After careful analyses of Chisom’s performance of ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith and Smartlily’s performance of ‘Hrs & Hrs’ by Muni Long, the Judges decided that the final spot be filled by Chisom who was having a second chance at this same spot after being rejected from the Live Show last Season. 

Chisom: ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith

At the end of the episode, the Top 10 of Nigerian Idol Season 8 turned out to be Abraham, Constance, Chisom, Goodness, Ose Daniel, Precious Mac, Quest, Reigny, Savvy Henry, and Victory.

Are you ready for the Live Show? We know we are and can;t wait for to watch the thrilling stage performances. 

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