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Top 10 shine with amazing performances at the first Live Show – Nigerian Idol

29 May 2023
The Nigerian Idol Top 10 performed hits from divas and divos Live for the first time to teaming viewers.
Nigerian Idol

Last night, Abraham, Chisom, Constance, Goodness, Ose Daniel, Precious Mac, Quest, Reigny, Savy Henry, and Victory all made their debut on the Nigerian Idol Live Show with each of them performing songs from the divas and divos in the entertainment industry.

The show started with the host IK Osakioduwa’s introduction, giving a short speech about being back on stage and went on to introduce the Judges: Simi, D’banj and Obi Asika. After the introduction, IK brought up the conversation on socials about the Top 10 choices of the Judges.

He went on to read a few tweets of fans expressing their dissatisfaction with the choices the judges made this season, however, IK played it cool with a few funny responses and as usual kept things classy. The Top 10 were then introduced and soon after that, the performances kicked off.

First on the roaster was Victory whose rendition of ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys was praised by Obi who started his appraisal with the words, “Welcome home."

Victory: Fallin by Alicia Keys

After Victory’s rivetting performance, Savy Henry was with a soothing performance of ‘You and I’ by John Legend. His performance was praised by Simi who gave accolades to Savy Henry for knowing how best to make use of his voice in giving a befitting performance.     

Savy Henry: You and I by John Legend

Looking at the long roaster of singers it was obvious there will be no time wasted before the next Contestant came on stage. Reigny was next on stage with a well-received rendition of ‘Heaven Sent’ by Keyshia Cole.

Reigny: Heaven Sent by Keyshia Cole

Chisom was to follow with a performance of ‘U Got It Bad’ by Usher. His performance was well received by the Judges with D’banj commending his performance ability. His time on stage ended with a bit of hip-whining lessons from IK. 

Chisom: U Got It Bad by Usher

The performances of the night continued with Goodness doing justice to Beyonce’s ‘Halo’, which received praise from the Judges.

Goodness: Halo by Beyonce 

Right after Goodness, Abraham came on stage to sing ‘Go the Distance’ by Michael Bolton. Obi and D’banj mentioned how scared they were at first by this song choice, but were later relieved to see that he could match the energy of the song. 

Abraham: Go the Distance by Michael Bolton

Quest then came along with a performance of 'It's All Coming Back To Me’ by Celine Dion. Her vocal dexterity was praised by the Judges, though D’banj did note that she should learn to pace herself while singing.

Quest: It's All Coming Back To Me by Celine Dion

Ose Daniel was next and before singing was described by Obi as having a voice "like sugar". He proved Obi right with his performance of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele.

Ose Daniel: Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Precious Mac performed next with a well-received rendition of ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys. She was hailed by the Judges for defending her family’s honour with her performance. 

Precious Mac: No One by Alicia Keys

The performances of the night ended with Constance’s performance of ‘All I Ask’ by Adele. Her performance was praised by the Judges with Simi making a little note for Constance to do better with her performance next time, while D’banj commented on her song choice saying the meaning of the song might have been lost on Constance because of how young she is. Constance was given a chance to speak, and she explained that she could fully relate to the song because she had lost a sister and would want another chance to speak with her because they argued a lot while she was alive.

Constance: All I Ask by Adele

It is clear that Nigerian Idol has unearthed a remarkable pool of talents and the journey is only just beginning. And thus, the curtains fell on another exciting episode of Nigerian Idol,
promising more sensational performances and intense competition in the episodes. Nigerian Idol airs every Sunday at 7 pm on all Africa Magic Channels - Showcase (DStv ch.151), Urban (DStv ch. 153, GOtv ch. 8), and Family (DStv ch. 154, GOtv ch. 2).

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