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Precious Mac and Victory’s journey to the finale – Nigerian Idol

13 July 2023
The Top 2 Nigerian Idol Contestants came, they saw, and they are about to conquer.
Nigerian Idol

The final showdown for Nigerian Idol will take place this Sunday. This means either Precious Mac or Victory will be crowned the season’s winner.

Precious Mac and Victory have performed for weeks on end in a battle that has seen them overcome challenges and stiff competition with other formidable singers. 

Precious Mac first appeared on our screens on the second episode of the Auditions and she immediately piqued the interest of the Judges. After mentioning her name, Obi asked if she was related to Faith Mac a Contestant on Nigerian Idol Season 6 to which she responded positively. In addition to this, another sibling of hers, Naomi Mac, was the runner-up of the very first Season of Nigerian Idol.

Much was expected from Precious Mac because of her family history and she delivered. She has not only made the family name proud but has established a space for herself without the veil of her family background. Her performance of From This Moment by Shania Twain and Diamonds by Rihanna were a couple of stand-out moments of her time on the Nigerian Idol stage. If the odds are in her favour on Sunday, she will be the first female winner since the return of Nigerian Idol from its hiatus.

Precious Mac: Diamonds by Rihanna

Victory walked right into our lives and the Audition room with a confidence that gave a hint about his abilities before he opened up his mouth to sing. On the third episode of the Auditions, his rendition of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars left the Judges pleased. Obi recently revealed that he knew from the Audition that Victory was most likely going to make it to the finale.  

Indeed Victory shined through the rest of the Audition phase and opened up the Live Show with an amazing rendition of Falling by Alicia Keys. His performances over each Live Show made him a force and a powerful contender for the crown. His performances of As It Was by Harry Styles and his Top 2 performance of It’s A Man’s World by James Brown were a few of his performances that received rave reviews from the Judges.

Victory: It's A Man's World by James Brown

Precious Mac and Victory have done such an amazing job of not only displaying their musical abilities but also entertaining us from the beginning of the Season. They both are winners already and we can’t wait to see them on the big stage.