Nigerian Idol

Nigerian Idol S8 premieres, introduces us to amazing talent!

24 April 2023
Nigerian Idol, Naija’s biggest music reality television show, debuted last night for it’s hot eighth season – and it was nothing short of amazing.
Nigerian Idol

Last night, Nigerian Idol was beamed into the homes of millions of viewers across Naija and the continent, with an Audition phase that saw many hopefuls brave the queues as they attempted to chase their dreams of music superstardom.

This new season had been widely anticipated by hopefuls and fans alike, who wanted to take a shot at being the one to wear the crown at the end of the season, either by making it through the ‘Lives’, or by voting for their chosen winner.

Since the bar was raised by all Top 12 Contestants from the previous season, it only made sense that this year’s crop of talent would come with their A-game. Our Judges D’banj, Obi Asika, and Simi? They were equal to the challenge and were on hand to make sure that was the case. During a brief interview with the judges, Obi Asika, Simi, and D’banj; expressed their enthusiasm for the new season, citing the pool of talented contestants as a reason for Nigerian Idol season 8 to raise the bar with the selection of talents.

The Auditions started with a double dose of talent as twins Mina and Mura appeared as the first contenders, eventually becoming the first set of Golden Ticket winners for the night. Here’s how socials reacted to their Auditions.

The floodgates were opened as the Auditions carried on and many more ‘Yeses’ and Golden Tickets were handed out by our Judges. 

The Golden Ticket runaway train came to a halt, however, when Patrick presented himself in front of our Judges. His rendition of a personally composed original did not amuse Simi, Obi and D’banj, who dashed his dreams of being the proud recipient of a Golden Ticket. A couple more stars-in-waiting were turned down, but not before giving us some hilarious moments.

One of these was Angel, who had previously made an appearance on Nigerian Idol Season 7. Unfortunately for Angel, his second coming was not as glorious as he expected it to be, as he got a resounding ‘No’ from all three Judges. Another memorable Audition moment was when Franlizkid, who had also received a ‘No’ from our Judges, requested a selfie with D’banj as consolation. He was asked to sing as he approached the Judges desk for the selfie, by “The Koko Master” himself – and he obliged. This made for one of the funniest moments of the night. 

Watch these hilarious moments in the video below.

Uniquely 'blessed' singers steal the show

The night ended on a positive note, however, with Quest and Ose Daniel wowing our Judges with their impeccable Auditions, which ultimately led to them snagging Golden Tickets.

In total 18 Golden Tickets were handed out and we are sure next week’s Auditions will be both amazing and fun to watch! We’re so glad Nigerian Idol is back. You?

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