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Abraham and Reigny take a bow from Nigerian Idol

05 June 2023
Abraham and Reigny say goodbye amidst eclectic performances from their colleagues.
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Abraham and Reigny have crashed out of Nigerian Idol Season 8 after receiving the least amount of Votes from the audience. 

The Live Show last night started with IK introducing viewers to what was to be an exciting night. After a little banter and a photo session with Simi, he announced that the first Elimination of the night was about to take place. 

The lights were dimmed and almost immediately, he announced that Abraham had been Eliminated. A saddened Abraham was then invited on stage to speak about how he felt. His response “It is well” made it clear he was taking the news in bold spirits.

Right after the Elimination, Quest was first on stage with the performance ‘Damages’ by Tems. The Judges all agreed Quest struggled with the verses of the song while she flourished during the chorus. D’banj suggested she might have struggled because of her song choice.

Next up on stage was Savy Henry who gave a performance of ‘It’s Plenty’ by Burna Boy. His performance was critiqued by the Judges who felt he did not give his best. 

Savy Henry: It’s Plenty by Burna Boy

Precious Mac came up next with a performance of ‘Overload’ by the Mavin all-stars. While performing, she struggled with her ear device and this was noticed by the Judges who pointed out that her struggle affected her performance and advised her to find a way not to be distracted by such if it happens in the future.

Precious Mac: Overload by Mavin all-stars

Chisom was then invited on stage to perform and he pleased everyone with his performance of ‘Peace Be Unto You’ by Asake. He got the first standing ovation from the Judges for the Season. Speaking about his performance, D’banj acknowledged Chisom for his ability as an entertainer and his stage presence.

Chisom:  Peace Be Unto You by Asake

Off the heels of Chisom’s fury performance was Goodness whose performance of ‘Feelings’ by Ladipoe. Surpassing expectations, Goodness impressed everyone, including Simi, who admitted to having preconceived notions based on the song choice but was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding performance.

Goodness: Feelings by Ladipoe

While the night went on, IK made a startling revelation that there was going to be a Top 8 and not a Top 9. This meant another Elimination was looming. A few minutes after his announcement, Reigny was announced as the second Contestant to be Eliminated.

When asked about how she felt, Reigny mentioned her mind was hazy about all that was going on.

Right after the Elimination, IK approached the Judges and questioned them each about their comments towards Constance’s performance the previous week. Simi and D’banj responded that their comments were more about her connection to the song and not her singing skill.

Then came Constance on stage with her performance of ‘Alone’ by Burnaboy. Her performance was commended by the Judges who felt he did absolutely well with her performance. 

Constance: Alone by Burnaboy

Another afrobeat bop was performed next as Ose Daniel serenaded the audience with his rendition of ‘Bandana’ by Fireboy DML. His performance was praised by the Judges and when asked by IK about his future in music, Ose Daniel responded that he would like to follow in the path of Afrobeats. 

Ose Daniel: Bandana by Fireboy DML

Victory was commended by his coach for his larger-than-life personality both on and off the stage and as expected, Victor delivered a captivating rendition of Harry Styles' 'As It Was.' D'banj found his performance entertaining and effortless, while Simi praised his exceptional control over his skills.

Victory: As it Was by Harry Styles

Concluding the show, IK Osakioduwa expressed gratitude to the judges and the audience for their unwavering support. He encouraged viewers and fans of the show to continue voting and saving their favourite Contestants.

It was indeed a night of shocking Eliminations and exciting performances and we can’t wait for the next Live Show.

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