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76 Golden Ticket winners crash out of Theatre Week – Nigerian Idol

08 May 2023
Many got Golden Tickets, but only a few were able to withstand the pressure of Theatre Week.
Nigerian Idol

Last night, Nigerian Idol moved on to Theatre Week, with a total of 136 contenders who had succeeded in getting Golden Tickets during the Auditions phase of the competition.

The last eight to earn Golden Ticket were Akinwande, Amaka, Busayo, Favoice, Reigny, Sapphire Whinnas, Shemilore, and Victory. There was no time to bask in the moment because as soon as they were announced, all were faced with the first challenge of Theatre Week: select a song from 12 options, to present before the Judges in just a couple of hours! 

Auditions round-up with 136 Golden Ticket winners!

Then the moment of truth came where the proverbial chaff was selected from the wheat. Some contenders couldn’t stand the heat and forgot their lyrics, while others froze with tension as they stood before our Judges. Tade, who was first up, could not sing out any lyrics to the song she chose to perform, as the backtrack played on in the background. 
She was followed by potential Idols including Elizabeth, Royal, and Savvy TG, who also forgot their lyrics. For a moment, it seemed a lot of the contenders couldn’t stand the pressure, as more of them including David Garland, Pheelamilo, and Esty failed to do justice to the songs they chose to perform. 

76 Contenders crash out of Theatre Week

Fans of the show were baffled as they questioned what could have been going on, amongst many other comments. Check out some of the Tweets below:

The stage, however, lit up with the performances of Quest, God’s Own, Goodness, and Yella who got the approval of our Judges. More contenders such as Soultunes, Professor, and Iyanu also scaled through to the next round of Theatre Week after an impressive showing.

The good news didn’t end there as Amaka, Arite, and Fejiro also scaled through, while Shemilore and Constance wrapped up the night with their amazing performances of Arya Starr’s ‘Away’. This of course got them through to the next round of Theatre Week.

Closer to their dreams

The night ended with only 76 Contenders left to battle in the next round of Theatre Week. Will we see more tension rearing its head as the competition chugs along? Only time will tell.

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