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Which Aberuagba sibling are you? – My Siblings and I

16 February 2021
Take our quiz to find out which of the Aberuagba siblings you identify with.
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The Aberuagba siblings each have unique personalities, which every family can relate to. There’s Stanley the first child who is very laid back; Lilian the second child and first daughter who can easily be referred to as the ‘fixer’ of the family, which could be because of her occupation with the Nigerian police force. Dave is a computer science graduate and "businessman" who has never worked a day in his life. Then, there’s the university graduate Nnenna who in some ways likes to form oversabi, a.k.a miss know-it-all; James also an undergraduate who never fails to express his feelings for the ladies and lastly, Angela the baby of the house and resident busy-body.

Want to find out which Aberuagba sibling you are IRL (in real life)? There’s only one way to find out!

  1. How often do you fight with your sibling(s)?
  1.  Sometimes
  2. Not often. We disagree on a few things
  3. Always!  
  4. Almost never
  5. Why have siblings if we can’t fight?
  6. We’re not that close anyway


  1. When your sibling is getting scolded by your parents, how do you react?
  1. I feel bad
  2. I laugh at them
  3. I walk away
  4. I plead on their behalf
  5. I put on my ‘I told you so” face
  6. Indifferent


  1. Do you bail your sibling(s) out of bad situations or let them handle it themselves?
  1. I got their back always
  2. It’s not my job to fix things
  3. I let them handle their mess
  4. Whatever happens, happens
  5. I point them in the right direction
  6. What’s my own abeg?


  1. What’s your favourite sibling-activity?
  1. Watching TV shows
  2. Hanging out
  3. Brunching/Eating
  4. Shopping
  5. Pulling pranks
  6. Anything goes if we’re together


  1. Would you ever let them borrow anything from your wardrobe?
  1. Absolutely!
  2. Err, no!
  3. We swap clothes all the time
  4. I always buy their own clothes to avoid this
  5. I’m indifferent
  6. We don’t wear the same size(s)

It’s the moment of sibling truth…

If you picked A, you are most like Lily. You look after your siblings and you’ve always got their backs, no matter what.

If you picked B, you are definitely killing Angela Aberuagba’s character, only this time, you live it. You put yourself first before the rest of your siblings, but you love them anyway.

If you picked C, James is your alter ego and you probably need to take a few more lessons from him on how to rock this sibling title. You mind your own business and will rather face other things than worry yourself with family issues.

If you picked D, you’re most like Nnenna, miss prim and proper. You always behave in the correct way and always avoid wahala, especially from your siblings.

If you picked E, you should probably start dressing like Dave. Asides the naughty traits and carefree attitude, no one can miss the fact that you absolutely love your siblings.

If you picked F, you have Stanley’s unique personality of calmness and you react to situations as if nothing will ever worry you, a very laid-back attitude.

So, which Aberuagba sibling are you? Make sure to tell us on our social media pages using the #AMMySiblingsandI hashtag.

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