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My Siblings And I


Watch these rib-tickling comedies on Africa Magic

25 January 2021
If laughter is the best medicine, we’ve got an entire pharmacy. Check out these amazing comedy shows served especially for you and yours.
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From the famous Lagos Hustle, all the way down to all-time favs The Johnsons and My Flatmates, Africa Magic truly has plated some amazing entertainment for a minute now – and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon, biko! We’ve added more flavour to our buffet, so read on to find out what the AM comedy avenue has in store for your palates.

Come and see My Flatmates!

Oya! Gateman extraordinaire Prosper still holds everyone responsible for his “vermiums” and must have a snack and some liquor every chance he gets. He does of course share these niceties with his gossip bro, Titus, who seems to know more about what happens in the compound than Baba Landlord himself. Frank’s comedy career is still a mystery to his ‘big man’ father who expects that Barrister Obus, Chef Wilber, Chief Donatos and not-so-honourable Dan disappear when he makes his rounds.

On the other side of the compound, Tijeri will not let anyone rest until they acknowledge that she’s now Mrs Jite. Sandra’s in-laws remain a troublesome bunch, and Nnduka just wants to keep the peace. Is that too much to ask, abi? Catch your dose of #AMFlatmates every weeknight at 18:30, on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase.

Keeping up with The Johnsons!

Even the witches of Edo State know that Mr Deputy is a professional conman with an impressive English vocabulary. We mean, who does he not owe? Tari’s fashion business profits are as unpredictable as Spiff and Abulo’s money-making schemes, and Efe is still the family’s bookworm. After recovering from his foot injury, Goodluck the transport CEO expected Prince to come up with groundbreaking ideas to help keep the business afloat. Yes o, Prince! Baby Science isn’t a little baby anymore, Happiness has more brains than her little head can carry, and Lucky and Mommy just want peace in the compound; but how can that be achieved with crazy Muhammad as a gateman? E be tough o! #AMJohnsons is on your screens every weeknight at 19:00, only on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase.

You, Us and ‘My Siblings and I’

The family’s catering business is still far from reaching dizzying heights – and because old habits die hard, Dave and James are still trying to make a quick buck (at everyone else’s expense, might we add). Mr and Mrs Aberuagba may just throw a new surprise in the mix, one that won’t sit very well with the family’s gateman, Mr. Ubong.

Did we mention that Sister Lilly is now married to a handsome Dr Jide? Eheh! Also, the overbearingly meticulous Nnena finally completed her university education and managed to convince her parents to let her serve her NYCS quota in Abuja. All hail freedom, yes?! It’s fun, rivalry and family values on My Siblings and I. Catch it every weeknight at 20:30, only on DStv CH 153 AM Urban.

Collect your garri and chinchin (We know #JanYouWorry is a tough month) and enjoy these wonderful servings with us, by us, for you. Don’t forget to get on your social media accounts and share your favourite moments using our official show hashtags.